American tragedy will affect whether the grandson of John Kennedy family curse

Американская трагедия: коснется ли внука Джона Кеннеди семейное проклятие May 29 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of former President of the United States. In the beginning of the month, his grandson announced the desire to start a political career. But the audience was more interested in whether he will be able to avoid the ills that have plagued their clan.
Американская трагедия: коснется ли внука Джона Кеннеди семейное проклятие

On the first day of may, the daughter of the 35th US President Caroline Kennedy was on the red carpet Met Gala in new York on the arm of a handsome young man. Carolyn rarely appears in public, but the organisers of the ball chose a Japanese theme and invited her – former U.S. Ambassador to Japan – to become the patron of the event.

Carolyn took the opportunity to bring in 24-year-old son Jack Schlossberg, the only official heir of John Kennedy through the male line. However, this family is so confusing that in matters of inheritance the devil himself a leg break. Kennedy actually left big-time politics for more than 20 years ago, but the rumours around them still. Some believe that the dead in 1999, the President’s son John Jr. was the fruit of an extramarital affair of his mother, and the biological offspring of politics lives in Canada. Others believe that John, Jr. is illegal child who can claim the rights to the name and all that comes with it. That’s only worth it to pursue such a legacy?

A paternity test

Rumors that the representatives of the Royal dynasty of America is a curse, come during the life of the older John. Eight of his brothers and sisters two died before the age of 30 years, and one disappeared at the age of 23 and only many years later was found in a psychiatric internat.

John himself and his wife Jacqueline had to endure the loss of three children. Their first girl was born dead. The mother called her Arabella, but on the gravestone it just says “Daughter. 1956”.

Following pregnancy Jacqueline ended in a miscarriage. Then the first lady still managed to give her husband a daughter and two sons. Younger brother, Patrick, who was born three months before the assassination of his father, lived only two days.

With his only surviving son, John, Jr., all had trouble. In childhood he too resembled his father, and over the years his appearance has acquired a distinct Italian flavor. Evil tongues have suggested that in retaliation for the endless betrayal of her husband, she bore him a son from the owner of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli. If infidelity Jacqueline relate to the field of speculation, the extramarital Affairs of President Kennedy carefully documented. So no one was surprised that in 2008, the American businessman Jack Worthington, who lives in Canada, declared himself a true son of John.

Американская трагедия: коснется ли внука Джона Кеннеди семейное проклятие

When his mother’s husband was dying of a genetic disease, Jack wanted to do the tests themselves and their children. On this mother allegedly told him to relax because his father John Kennedy don’t hurt. Now mom keeps saying that she never met John, but genetic analysis proved only that her husband was not the father of the son. To confirm or refute the relationship of the Worthington, Kennedy, you need the DNA of the late President, which produce almost impossible.


“Curse” did not understand, whose blood flowed in the veins of John Jr. He bore the name of Kennedy, and that was enough for a tragic outcome. In July 1999, a 38-year-old heir to the assassinated President died in a plane crash with his wife Carolyn Bissett, and her sister Lauren. Children the couple never had.

“I want to be a father, – said John friend two days before death. But every time I raise the subject with Carolyn, she refuses to have sex.”
Американская трагедия: коснется ли внука Джона Кеннеди семейное проклятие

Paranoia brought to the attention of the press and the public, Carolyn Bissett suffered from depression, used drugs and believed that mad world Kennedy is no place for a child. However, in 2014 some Italian aristocrat said bore John Jr.’s son, Gianni. Supposedly her affair with the heir of the President began in 1998.

“John complained that his wife had become a stranger to him, withdrew into himself and didn’t even want to think about the children – said the woman, who did not disclose his name. – He was happy about my pregnancy. Gianni is very similar to the father. I hope that he will seek recognition of the Kennedy clan and possibly become a politician.”

However, while the clan binds all political hopes with Jack Schlossberg, the son of Caroline Kennedy. At first, the boy, like his sister, the actress rose and journalist Tatiana – is not planning to go into politics. At Yale he studied history with an emphasis in japonistyka. On vacation worked at the plant for the disposal of toxic waste, to better understand environmental problems, dabbled in journalism. After graduation in 2015, he took an internship in a Japanese firm, but the desire to return to the Kennedy clan in politics outweighed other interests.

“Jack is a proud grandfather and loves when they compare, say friends. – He easily kept the center of attention, never loses a sense of humor, but at the same time does not allow names to dictate the views or behavior.”

However, it may be that all children, and therefore grandchildren of President John Kennedy, have no right to reckon the fruits straight from the branches of a genealogical tree. There is a version that before I met Jacqueline, a young politician for fun, married twice divorced Durie Malcolm. Supposedly someone saw the marriage certificate, but no document of divorce. Most likely, a bigamist, Kennedy still was not, but for this family, in all senses, nothing is impossible.