Media discuss a secret wedding, Miranda Kerr

Media discuss a secret wedding, Miranda Kerr The secret wedding of the former Victoria Secret’s angel took place this weekend. A young woman and her lover invited to the ceremony only close friends and family. The role of a faithful page, the ceremony turned into a seven year old son of Miranda.

The famous model took up the offer from Evan Spiegel almost a year ago, and all this time was engaged in planning the ceremony. The young woman immediately said that the wedding will be closed, therefore no presence of the press speech went. And yet, journalists managed to establish that Kerr will go down the aisle on may 27.

According to allegations in the Western press, the ceremony was held in the backyard of the house of lovers, located in Brentwood, United Kingdom. How did you find the journalists, the model chose a dress of A-silhouette with a long train. The outfit was devoid of the rich decoration, but perfectly accented the figure of a girl. According to press reports, the ceremony was attended by about 30 guests, among whom were relatives of lovers, their colleagues and friends.

According to reports, guests arrived at the mansion about four o’clock in the evening. The entire back yard was decorated with pale pink roses, and entertained the audience a string Quartet and a pianist. The bride herself, the assurances of close to a couple of source looked like a Princess in her fancy outfit. But Kerr is in no hurry to share photos of the celebration.

For Miranda Kerr this was the second marriage: before that for three years was married to Hollywood actor Orlando bloom. Together with her ex-husband the star has a son, seven year old Flynn. Despite the breakup, the celebrities managed to keep a great relationship. Paparazzi and then catch them during walks together with my son. On the basis of friendly proximity to Kerr and bloom’s fans have long discussed the possibility that the performer of the role of will Turner will appear at the wedding, but it never happened. For Evan Spiegel this marriage became the first. The young woman is not shy to admit the feelings of your brand-new husband, but sharing photos with them on Instagram she posts infrequently.

“I feel blessed from above, because I have a partner”, – has signed one of the photos dedicated to Evan.

Miranda is older than his chosen one to eight years, but judging by the idyll that reigns in their relationship, the newlyweds is not confused. To her 26-year-old Evan Spiegel managed to put together a decent condition. The young man invented Snapchat, and now is consistently in the annual list of Forbes. The millionaire rushed to insure their property from potential partition: under the terms of the marriage contract, in case of divorce, the Australian model will not receive a penny from the impressive condition of the businessman. However, Miranda apparently did not need mountains of gold, because it is called annually ranked among the most successful and richest models in the world. Magazine E! found out that the wedding ceremony in front of the bride and groom were full of tears, and then invited the crowd cheered, praising the newly minted newlyweds.