American host, psychotherapist Dr. Phil accused of sexual harassment

Американского ведущего-психотерапевта Доктора Филла обвиняют в сексуальных домогательствах

Legendary American TV host-psychotherapist Dr. Phil might share the fate of bill Cosby, in his old age, lost everything due to the heinous crimes in the past. One of the patients of a specialist, who has long maintained his television show, said that he was not just molested and almost raped her, presenting it as therapy.

A victim of Dr. Phil calls a woman named Sarah Morrison. She claims that many years ago suffered sexual harassment and abuse by the famous psychotherapist. The doctor first expressed concern, the tenderness in which Sarah did not see sexual overtones, and then began to aggressively molest her, and eventually raped. Now Morrison became a mother myself, and considers that the authorities should bring the Doctor to justice for their actions.
“Not a day goes by that I do not think about what he did to me. I fear that my place may be dozens, if not hundreds of victims. The world needs to know that this man is a predator. What he did to me has deeply influenced my life. This man should not tell Americans in his show how to live” — said Sarah.
Morrison received treatment from Dr. Phil in 1984. Then she was a sophomore at the College and came to her parents for the summer in Wichita falls, Texas.
She suffered from low self-esteem, was depressed and wanted to commit suicide. Dr. Phil was very persistent and he appointed her meeting three or four a week. That summer it really helped her and behaved correctly, but that all changed the following summer. Then he told Sarah to earn his Intern and at the same time treated her as a patient.
“The first day of my job he touched me” — said Sarah. Then she assured herself that was just misunderstood friendly gesture. Especially because Phil was happily married to his wife Robin. But from further harassment is Morrison not saved.
“The sexual intercourse was not, but was the touch of a sexual nature. Phil could force to put me on his lap and stroke my thigh, talking on the phone with the patient or even with his own wife. He took the hand up and down my thighs, reaching the panties, or could touch me with your hands between your legs. He could unbutton my blouse and kiss my Breasts.. When he touched me, I froze. I never touched him back. When he undressed in front of me, I turned away.. He always talked about sex like was obsessed with it” — said Sarah.
The police girl is not addressed, parents are not talked about what happened, and all because he was her therapist and she trusted him.
“I trusted him, he was like a father,” said Sarah. Some time later, wanting to stop hazing Morrison appealed to the relevant authorities to revoke the license of Dr. Phil.
A representative of the media psychotherapist claims to know about the claims of women.
“They were the place to be, and, moreover, twenty years ago, were carefully checked by relevant authorities. In the end, claim Sarah was determined such that it is not true” — said the representative.
Nevertheless, as it was succeeded to find out to journalists, the Board of Directors has put Phil in such conditions. In which he is no longer able to work. The fact that after the scandal, the doctor had to work under supervision. Thus, the therapy session was supposed to be a colleague of Phil’s, which the latter had to pay according to his rates. Less than a year, he decided that this work is too expensive it costs, so he gave up his license and left town. A few years later, he appeared on television, where he works until now.

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