Кристен Стюарт уверена, что Вуди Аллен ненавидел ее на съемках «Светской жизни»

About Kristen Stewart can easily say that she is lucky. During her career the actress has already worked with many renowned Directors, among which there are even woody Allen.

And colleague Kristen – Blake lively – work with Allen, she considers it a great honor and a real gift of fate. Only now, according to star “Twilight”, filmmaker working with her were not so pleased.

“I thought, “He hates me. He definitely regrets his decision to take me to the role,” admitted Kristen in an interview. But then I thought, “I’ll prove the little guy can do anything he wants. Maybe in life I have no such manners, what has my character, but when the hell will say “action,” I’ll do it.” On the first day he came to me and said, “You look terrible. But you have to be pretty”. But it was nothing personal, he wasn’t trying to hurt me. In any case, he knows it’s funny. He’s not one of those people who likes actors with a bloated ego, fixated on myself. It seemed to me that for him it was a kind of test to check. If the actor adopts such a manner of communication, so he’s cool. And if you do not accept, then he can go to hell”.

By the way, the work in question – the film “high society” — it was presented to the fans of Los Angeles.


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