America Ferrera will be the first time mom

Америка Феррера впервые станет мамой

Baby-boom is continuing not only the Kardashians can boast of rounded bellies. 33-year-old America Ferrera has shared joyful news with your followers on instagram — actress is pregnant. The star of the show “Ugly Betty” reported that in 2018 there will be one more member of the family.

Америка Феррера впервые станет мамой

“We are waiting for one more person to kiss in 2018,” says Ferrera, congratulating all a happy New year. At pictures of Ryan piers Williams and America Ferrera in disguise in 2018 happily smiling, and the actress keeps bodysuit for the new baby. A pair of legalized relationships in 2011. The child will be born first. America and Ryan met in College, when he studied at southern California University. In 2010, Williams made an offer to his beloved.

Америка Феррера впервые станет мамой

The wedding took place on the morning of Monday 27 June. The ceremony was modest and family, told journalists the representative of the actress. In America, it was dress Amsale”s Christos and Fred Leighton jewelry.
Wedding venues America has chosen very simple: he borrowed a house from a colleague on the series “Ugly Betty” Vanessa Williams. The house is located in the state of new York town of Chappaqua. According to sources, among the invited guests besides Vanessa there were other colleagues of America series: Rebecca Robins husband Jerry O Coelom and mark Indelicato. also at the wedding was Alexis Bledel, amber Tamblyn and Blake lively — they have worked with America in the film “Jeans mascot”.

Recall that before the election for US President Donald trump, Ferrera jokingly spoke about his racist statements. Donald trump spoke very correctly to the address of the Mexican and Latin American immigrants. In his speech, the 69-year-old candidate called them criminals and rapists that are imported from Mexico to USA drugs and increase the number of crimes. America Ferrera thanked trump for his words and said that now he is definitely not camp the next head of the White House. But as we see, the words of Ferrera did not come true.

“I listened to everything you said about immigrants and want to say thank you. Thank You, Donald Trump! the letter says the appeal of the actress. Your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, but I don’t want to spend the time chastising you. I’ll leave this part to your business partners Univision and NBC. Instead, I write words of gratitude to you, because your speech will make up all Latino voters to go to the polls, even if they had not wanted to do that. They will try to prevent the authorities came to such a misanthrope like you. You got through to voters and had the greatest effect. The turnout this year should break the record and they will vote against you for any other candidate.

“This is the America in which we live. I hope now you understand that without the Latino vote, in principle, impossible. If you don’t believe me, ask at least George Bush or even President Obama.”