Сергей Лазарев впервые показал лицо сына

The Christmas holidays brought many surprises and one of them was a gift from Sergey Lazarev his followers — he posted a photo together with her son Nikita. After three years, he first decided to show the face of his child. The contractor repeatedly told that his son grow up, but never showed his face.

“Thank you, my family, and my beloved son Nikita. It’s time for me to show it to you) but it’s quite big and I’m so proud of him and love!! I wish you all good, peace, health, let your family everything goes well! I love you! Happy New year!” writes Sergey under a festive photo with her son. The Pope together with Nikita were dressed in white formal suits. The baby, Sergei put on the chair.

Not only the face of your son hid a musician, but the very fact of his birth. The baby was born in 2014, but the public found out about it two and a half years later. “The life of a public man is always seen under a magnifying glass… that’s why me and my family, it was decided to keep the wonderful happy event occurred in my life 2.5 years ago, only family, does not make any representations or Declaration… in Order not to produce them even more, I want to officially confirm that I am really happy here for 2.5 years to be a dad and raise my son,” explains the reason Lazarev.

The singer not the time to put videos and pictures with his son on instagram, but before December 31, never showed his face. On time one of these walks, the kid was shot from behind. “Pace, I feel that in grade 1 Jake wants to go to an adult car driving itself,” wrote then Lazarev under the video, where Nikita rides on car for children. The photographs of Sergei hid the child’s face using emoticons.