Эмбер Херд публично отказалась от всех денег Деппа!
The actress will not take a penny of the seven million.

Amber heard and johnny Depp

Photo: Instagram.com

Yesterday amber heard, who is currently divorcing her husband johnny Depp after only 15 months of marriage, literally battled his detractors. The actress made a public
a statement that is not going to use for their needs
the money received under the agreement with Depp. All the millions that
agreed to pay her johnny, she’ll give to charity! Moreover, in order to make full
clear, amber said, in what the funds will send these

“In this situation, getting
money has absolutely no motivation of my actions. And I received the amount is
for me the value only from the point of view that I can give them to
charity. I hope my contribution will help to protect those in
needs! I got a seven million — and gave all seven. There is nothing
strange: I donated to good causes in the past and will continue to do so in
the future,” said Hurd. And to put the final winning point in the war with johnny, amber said: all the money will be distributed among
funds that provide assistance to victims of domestic violence. “Declaration
about intentions” actress was placed in particular on the Internet website people.com.

News about how
Hurd ordered the amount received, made a bombshell.
After all, until yesterday, many were absolutely sure that amber started all this
the story of the husband who cruelly treated her, for the sole purpose of pulling johnny a little more money. But now that she
they actually declined, the enemies of the actress came in astonishment.

Hurd rejected
it seems that the only amount you could receive in the divorce. Because
as claimed by authoritative sources that amber and johnny had a marriage contract, in divorce, both spouses remain with those funds that were in each
from parties to weddings. No wonder the joint official statement made on Tuesday amber and johnny, 7 million
was named not compensated for the incurred damage to Hurd, and the “amount put to her
under the terms of the divorce”! In other words, it turns out that Hurd really fought only
for justice did not pursue any selfish goals?!

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