Екатерина Архарова раскрыла тайну личной жизни
Ex-wife Marat Basharova hinted that preparing for the wedding.

Catherine Arkharova

Photo: @Instagram arharovakatya Catherine ancharovoj

Catherine Arkharov has pleased fans with great news. It turns out that the actress has for some time not alone. About your new chosen it does not apply, however, made it clear to the subscribers of its existence.

Many fans of Catherine was sure that the artist cannot recover after a failed marriage with Marat Basharov, whom she divorced last year. Arkharov was quick to assure fans that her personal life everything is fine and to worry about anything not worth it. The other day in the microblog star there was an interesting entry about the magic power flower actress “Women’s happiness”. The plant, according to Catherine that can help lonely to find happiness and to find faithful partner in life, as well as strengthen existing relationships. “However, by itself this plant does not do any miracles. That it was magic, you must carefully and with love to care for it. Only in the caring hands of a Spathiphyllum blossom. And even if it appeared a flower, the dearest wish will come true!” she said. One of her followers asked if she wished for himself a meeting with the bridegroom. And Arkharov admitted that “with that she all right.”

By the way, not so long ago at the wedding of close friends 41-year-old Catherine caught the bride’s bouquet. So it is not excluded that in the near future, the actress will again go under the crown. Fans hope that arkharova not going to hide these important changes in your life and when the time comes, be sure to talk about his new status.

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