«Эмбер Херд просто жертва»: официальное заявление адвоката актрисы

Attorneys amber heard released an official statement which explained why the actress did not immediately told about domestic violence by her husband johnny Depp.

After the publication of each column , johnny Depp (Johnny Depp), a stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope (Doug Stanhope), in which he accuses wife of actor amber heard (Amber Heard) in blackmail, the lawyers of the actress Samantha F. Spector (Samantha F. Spector) and Koenig Joseph P. (Joseph P. Koenig) made an official statement in support of your client.

“The silence heard was used against her by team johnny Depp. Amber didn’t apply on domestic violence in the LAPD because he wanted to keep secret his private life and not to substitute under blow Depp’s career. Team johnny has forced her to reveal the true facts, as she can no longer tolerate false claims in the media. Hurd suffered for many years from psychological and physical violence on the part of johnny,” says the lawyer.

According to press reports, Hurd filed for divorce with johnny Depp on may 22, a few days later accused the actor of domestic violence. To protect the rose Depp, his daughter Lily-rose Depp (Lily-Rose Depp) and her mother Vanessa Paradis (Vanessa Paradis), who has publicly stated that he does not believe the words heard.

“In fact, Mr. Hurd acted in the same way as many other victims of domestic violence, which primarily think about the harm that is likely to cause the abuser, not that you yourself have suffered. Heard tired of the attacks of the press and an outright lie. His statements amber hopes that the police will conduct an accurate and complete investigation of the events of 21 may. If this happens, there is no doubt that the claims amber heard will finally get the rationale, and johnny will get the help he desperately needs,” continues the lawyer, Recalling that, according to the actress, 21 may she and johnny Depp broke up, after which the actor smashed iPhone on her face.

“From the beginning, amber heard wanted this situation remained between them, even then someone might have called the police. Police officers saw not only what johnny did to the apartment, but also physical injuries to the person heard. We filed a petition for divorce on the evening of 23 may, after the premiere of “Alice in Wonderland”. We sent a letter to the defense team johnny the next morning, which was given to understand that you don’t want to raise this issue in the media. Unfortunately, the team of Depp immediately went to the press and started attacking Hurd, — says the lawyer. — Amber average victim of domestic violence, and none of its actions are not motivated by money. Heard of the brave and financially independent woman who showed courage, standing up for your beliefs. The court is under the influence of misinformation posted in social media, based on anonymous sources. Heard — the victim, Hurd — hero.”

Insiders, People magazine confirms what Roman actors was difficult, particularly because of jealousy Depp. “The relationship with amber was a constant drama. They had a lot of problems before the wedding. They never should have married. They just don’t fit together”, — said the source.

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