С экрана в жизнь: у Кирстен Данст роман с коллегой по сериалу «Фарго»

Kirsten dunst and Jesse Plemons that in the second season of “Fargo,” played a married couple, had a romantic relationship their characters in real life.

С экрана в жизнь: у Кирстен Данст роман с коллегой по сериалу «Фарго»

In the second season of “Fargo” (Fargo) partner Kirsten Danst (Kirsten Dunst) on the set was actor Jesse Plemons (Jesse Plemons). On the screen they played a married couple Patty and ed Blomquist. As often happens, the actors moved the Roman characters from the screen into real life.

Official statements 34-year-old dunst is 28-year-old Plemons did, but the paparazzi took a picture of them kissing during a Sunday walk in Studio city, California.

Photos published on Just Jared (@justjared) November 30 2016 at 4:59 PM PDT

About his disposition to Kirsten dunst Jesse Plemons spoke at the festival PaleyFest in October 2015. “It was a gift. I have long loved the work of Kirsten, and I was happy to meet her. She is a wonderful person. We’re both actors and we are very fun spend time with her on the set, ” he said then.

In April 2016, and Kirsten dunst broke up with actor Garrett Hedlund (Garrett Hedlund). The couple has been together for four years and, according to press reports, planned to get married this year.

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