Amber heard is suing the producer Christopher Hanley

Эмбер Херд судится с продюсером Кристофером Хэнли

The ex-wife of Hollywood actor johnny Depp amber heard went to court, but this time she finds out the relationship with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and accuses producer Christopher Hanley in breach of contract. The actress did not like that in the film “London fields” (“London Fields”), which never had an opportunity to go out on the big screen, her character participates in explicit scenes.

It is noteworthy that instead of the Hurd were involved in the shooting stand, but the installation was so high quality that do not understand the substitution. This and other violations of the contract made amber and her other colleagues to go to court.
The star of “the Rum diary” has joined the boycott of their colleagues and, like them, turned to Themis with justice. In the lawsuit, amber says that before the shooting she discussed the details with the producer, during the negotiations, the celebrity insisted that he would not participate in scenes of explicit nature. However, if the amber and not acted, did stand-in. This actress sees breach of contract, the lawyers for the producer believe that this scandal is not worth a damn, because once heard, did not participate in the shooting personally, and there is nothing to claim.
Recall that after the devastating reactions of film critics in 2015, when the tape was shown at the festival in Toronto, and also because of the many lawsuits (suing the producer, even a Director), the tape never came out on the big screen.