Darya Melnikova discouraged “pregnant” photo

Дарья Мельникова обескуражила «беременным» фото The star of the show “Daddy’s girls” has puzzled fans. Darya Melnikova posted a picture in the signature which explained that in her life occurred some changes. The actress spoke to subscribers about motherhood.

      After the birth, the life star of the series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova has changed. The actress devotes all his time to raising his son, who this year will be two years. A young mother shares details about Chad subscribers in the social network. This heir inspired her to create a new blog, dedicated to children and activities with them.

      Melnikov has puzzled fans, uploading a picture with a rounded belly. So that subscribers have understood it correctly, they explained that he does not expect the addition to the family. The picture was exhibited with the aim to draw attention to her new project.

      “It’s not traceability a joke, and I’m not pregnant. I want to introduce you to my page where you learn that I have a son, and how I deal with it, and the children of my friends, and what they do, to reach new karmic level. A boost of motivation and new ideas for every day!” – said Daria.

      Apparently, the actress decided to try myself as blogger and designer clothing for pregnant and lactating women. The line includes tunics and capes that are easy to put on and do not hinder movements. Basically, most things are made of breathable fabrics basic colors: beige, black and white colors.

      Besides, in the created microblog Melnikov shares lifehacks that help her cope with her son. She encourages other moms to tell you what methods they use, to their heirs don’t get bored. In one of the posts Dasha explained how the baby helps her to wash the dishes.

      “I put the baby in the sink (Yes!) and giving him lots of different cups (plastic, of course!). He can enthusiastically happy to spend an hour: pour water from one container to another, and I’m talking to him and having fun at the same time. Yes around, of course, everything becomes filled with water, have to stock up on rags, but I have time to wash all the dishes in parallel and can even sometimes something to cook! So, such a routine thing, like washing the dishes, can turn into an exciting game! And it is such an interesting way out of situations incredibly much!” – said the actress.