Эмбер Херд выдвинула новое обвинение Джонни Деппу Conflict between spouses is gaining momentum. Earlier, the actress said that her husband beat her. The court ordered johnny Depp to stay away from amber until 17 June. On this day the case will be considered on their divorce. However, the representative of the movie stars has violated the requirement of the court.

      Эмбер Херд выдвинула новое обвинение Джонни Деппу

      At the end of this week, June 17, will be a meeting in the case of divorce amber heard and johnny Depp. Until that time, the actor and his representatives cannot approach her because of a court order prohibits the alleged perpetrators of violence to have contact with potential victims. However, according to amber, Depp’s agent violated this requirement.

      Agents on the eve of the actress called the police, as the actor has sent one of his men to the penthouse, so that he took things. According to the police Department of Los Angeles, the house was seen Depp’s agent. Mujchina said that he has documents on the seizure of the property.

      “We are investigating to confirm that Mr. Depp was not in this place, and that there was no violation of the court ban on his presence here,” said a law enforcement officer.

      Recall that Hurd had previously accused the spouse in causing her injuries. The girl appeared before the court with bruises on his face. Photos amber shocked all fans of the actress. She stated that her husband left her mobile phone which hit her in the face. Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO

      According to relatives of the couple, conflicts in the family of Depp and heard happened more than once. “They are both temperamental and capricious nature, with its own opinion on any issue,” said the people around the couple. – Views do not often coincide, and people with strong characters it is always hard to admit wrong or to take the first step towards reconciliation. Worse yet, johnny and amber are stubborn and have a tendency to dramatize”.

      The ex-wife of actor Vanessa Paradis believes Depp is not to blame. According to her, the star of the movie – loving father of two children, he never reacted with physical violence towards anyone in their family, so she thinks amber is lying and her accusations are outrageous. Vanessa Paradis came to the defense of johnny Depp

      During the conflict around the divorce of movie stars, johnny Depp tries not to comment on what is happening. Now he is on tour with a group of Hollywood Vampires. According to some information, soon the actor will give an interview to a major American TV channels that will talk about what really happened he with amber.

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