Постройневшая Юлия Липницкая отдыхает на море Olympic champion shared a photo in a bikini. Yulia Lipnitskaya has published on his page in Instagram the sea-coast, which caused a great stir among her fans.

      Постройневшая Юлия Липницкая отдыхает на море

      Looks like Yulia Lipnitskaya manage to skillfully combine exercise and relaxation. The skater has already started preparations for the new sports season. At the same time, being in Sochi, in the immediate vicinity of the resort temptations, she finds time to relax on the beach. Julia Lipnitskaya surprised fans with the swimsuit

      A new photo exhibition in new York city, which in June was 18 years old, gave her fans a big impression. It appreciated more than 16 thousand users. In the picture of Julia posing on the beach in a bikini. Interestingly, most followers of sportsmenki immediately noticed the fact that lately she is highly postroila.

      “Lost altogether, “Julia, you are so slim! The man, Julia is now normal slim girl, what are you from it is the skeleton doing? She lost weight very well, I hope that will not continue!”, “Girl, cutie-sestrychka,” wrote attentive fans sports stars.
      Постройневшая Юлия Липницкая отдыхает на море

      We will remind, recently the young athlete visited Moscow and arranged a walk with your pals around the city center. Friends visited the red square in its surroundings. By the way, recently Lipnitskaya is extremely rare in Moscow, because she is forced to train a lot in Sochi. Mentor Julia is honored master of sports Alexei Urmanov. Together with his coach, the skater put two programs — short and long.

      In addition, they were assisted by two-time world champion, Swiss Stephane Lambiel. The athlete often publishes jointly with foreign coach in the photo in his microblog. It gives fans of Shit to assume that she is very friendly with Stefan, and perhaps even sympathizes with it.

      Apparently, the skater managed to cope with the psychological problems that plagued her a year ago. Lipnitskaya complained to reporters that difficult to tolerate the process of growing up. The girl is not feeling well, tired quickly, and even suspected that she started having problems in the body.

      “To be honest, it’s all crazy hard. I, in fact, has not grown much. I think maybe there will not grow, only a centimeter or two. But the weight, the interesting, I didn’t jump much. It is a rearrangement of something inside, and you don’t know what’s going on with you. With whom many of these girls and their coaches were talking, I’m not the only one. Thought I might have some problems in the body. But no, it’s all so, so hard for everyone”, – said the skater.

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