Алексей Чадов перестал скрывать лицо сына The actor spent the weekend in the company of his heir Fedor. The boy was left with his father, as his mother Agniya Ditkovskite is still in Sochi, where yesterday held the closing ceremony of the festival “Kinotavr”. Chadov showed subscribers microblog looks like his son.

      Алексей Чадов перестал скрывать лицо сына

      Actor Alexey Chadov tries to spend all his free time with his son Fedor, who recently turned two years. Over the last few days on the shoulders of movie stars went completely care for the boy, because his mother Agniya Ditkovskite went to Sochi for the annual festival “Kinotavr”. The results of the “Kinotavr-2016”: the best outfits, a new pair and the winners of the festival

      Alexei and Fedor found himself liking. Dad and son went to the children’s entertainment center, went on a picnic and made a long walk in the area where they live. On one of the frames in Instagram Chadova with the baby for the first time clearly visible in the face of the boy. Many subscribers microblog stars of the movie have suggested that it is very similar to dad.

      Алексей Чадов перестал скрывать лицо сына

      Fans of the actor believe that Alex is very attentive and copes with the role of the Pope. “A wonderful father”, “Real man and a great dad who knows what family values,” Chadova praise of his followers.

      Recall that Fyodor was born to the marriage of Alexei Chadova with actress Agnia Ditkovskite. The couple has been together since 2012, but last spring, the actors broke off relations. The couple did not comment on his departure.

      “My wife agniey really sold,” said Alexei Chadov “StarHit”. “We have maintained a good relationship for our son Theodore. I truly wanted to create a happy family, but everything in life is apparently much more difficult. I am extremely grateful to Agnes for her son Fedor and do everything possible to make him happy. We lived together for a really happy time, but all things must come to an end.”

      According to Agnes, the separation could be due to the fact that they are both creative people and are unable to live under one roof. The actress doesn’t blame anyone in particular for what happened in the family the disorder. She believes that the breakup of two people always results in a chain of events and actions that they make. Fedor does not know why parents ceased to live together.

      “A small child is not able to analyze the situation, he lives by instinct, therefore, is not yet able to realize that he was used or not. Of course, for any child the separation of parents is a trauma, but he will only understand it when you grow up, and I hope God will give us wisdom and strength to properly explain everything to the son, with minimal damage to it,” said Ditkovskite.

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