The luxurious life of Olga Buzova is the envy of the fans

Роскошная жизнь Ольги Бузовой вызывает зависть у поклонников Leading “House-2” in what does not deny. Olga Buzova and her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, rested in a big way in the United Arab Emirates. Stars have done expensive purchases and walked on fancy restaurants.

      Роскошная жизнь Ольги Бузовой вызывает зависть у поклонников

      The rest of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov in Dubai came to an end. The couple plenty nakupalis in the sea, and noticeable tan in the sun. Every day the star of “House-2” has published in his microblog detailed photos of resort adventures. Pictures of the presenter caused an unprecedented stir among her fans.

      The fact that the holiday is Olga and Dmitry was quite intense. Buzova with her husband visited many expensive restaurants where they tasted the delicacies and enjoyed the overseas kitchen. “I’m on vacation” thought I, and welled 12 oysters, salad and tar-tar for lunch. Oh, well, why, I like to eat”, signed Olga a photo in which she poses with a huge plate of food.

      In addition, the pair staged a shopping, leaving in the boutiques a considerable amount of money. All these charms of the luxurious life caused conflicting emotions among followers of Olga on Instagram. Some tried to be happy for the TV presenter and her husband, but most followers Buzova could not hide her envy and irritation.

      Роскошная жизнь Ольги Бузовой вызывает зависть у поклонников“This rich, help the poor”, “Buzova already have enough to brag that you’re resting. Just drink a little”, “Beautiful live”, “of Course, beautiful. Her husband earns a day, how many people per year”, “this is what it means to marry well!”, “It’s very cool, of course, that so many purchases! But why flaunt that stuff? You know what the reaction would be of people?” The topic itself has achieved such success, she has earned a beautiful life. Well done! And write bad comments just jealous people…” – arguing fans of the stars in the review.

      We will remind, the football player Dmitry Tarasov decided to make a surprise to the wife and gave her an unforgettable holiday. After a bright and bustling Singapore, the husband and wife went to Sunny Dubai. Tarasov and His lived in one of the elite hotels in the resort.

      Olga Buzova undressed in Arab Emirates PICTURES

      “In Bourges these beds that cannot be unstuck from the pillow. Who knows, he will understand. And anyway, it’s our favourite hotel in Dubai, always stay only here. The service, the rooms themselves, the attitude is outstanding! Always when I come, we say: “Welcome back”. Regulars all remember and love,” shared Buzova.

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