Уже не мачо: Глинников забросил себя после расставания с Никулиной
Fans are begging the actor to return to the previous image.

Ilya Glinnikov

Photo: @Instagram glinnikov1st Ilya Glinnikov

Lately Ilya Glinnikov — a rare visitor of social networks or social events. Since then, the actor broke up with Ekaterina Nikulina (the winner of the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor”), he’s really become a bit reclusive: avoiding public appearances and rarely shared with fans the news of life. Recently in the microblog actor there was a recent selfie in which he showed how now looks. From the old image of the macho gone: Ilya became unrecognizable.

The actor, according to fans, due to the ensuing drama in his personal life has ceased to monitor their appearance. With half-inch beard Ilya began to look untidy. Many people write Glinnikov that he needs to pull himself together and return to the previous image of the conqueror of female hearts.

But the changed appearance of 33-year-old Elias is more than a simple explanation. It is likely that the new image is associated with the role in the movie. The artist can be scheduled for shooting in the new project, for which he laid aside the razor.

By the way, last month in the microblog Elijah appeared another photo, also provoked a heated discussion. The image of two silhouettes (male and female), captured nearby, led to the emergence of rumors that Glinnikov started a new novel. The artist himself yet refrains from commenting on events in his personal life.