Фанаты Marvel обнаружили неожиданное камео в «Черной Пантере»
This year the Studio celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Trevor Nolan

Sometimes a cameo in the movies, so secret that
the audience did not immediately realize that the film was played by a particular actor. But
just not the audience for Marvel, which has long been accustomed to a large number
pitfalls in the films produced by the Studio. One of the latest unexpected
appearances in ten years of existence of the Studio is a cameo of Matt Damon,
who played Loki in the theater to “Thor: Ragnarok”.

Reviewing held in the cinema “Black
Panther” at home, fans began to notice new details of the film. The reason
for loud discussion became a line in the credits, published by one
a user on Twitter. He wondered who the Griot, and how all
the audience could have missed the appearance on the screen comedian Trevor Noah – the leading
popular American program the Daily Show.

It turns out that the Griot as Jarvis in “Iron
Man” and Karen in the blockbuster “spider-Man: coming home,” is
artificial intelligence, which gave her voice to the Trevor Noah. In particular,
he announced a system that Shuri was developed for remote control
the ship on which Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) is flying in the final film.

“Black Panther” is already out in home rentals
Blu-ray and digitally, and on the ivi website you can look with an additional
hour material. Recall that this year Marvel is celebrating its