Предполагаемая девушка Дмитрия Тарасова открестилась от ребенка Model Anastasia Kostenko revealed the secret of his personal life. Recently, it was rumored that the “Second Vice-miss Russia-2014” is growing six year old daughter. The alleged fiancee of footballer Dmitry Tarasov hurried excuse.

      Предполагаемая девушка Дмитрия Тарасова открестилась от ребенка

      At the end of last year, the footballer Dmitry Tarasov officially divorced TV presenter Olga Buzova. Among fans there was a rumor that the man didn’t suffer from loneliness and found solace in the arms of 22-year – old beauty “the Second Vice-miss Russia 2014” Anastasia Kostenko. Recently in a press there was an information that the girl already has a daughter. Assumed that she gave birth at the age of 15, but took care of the girl mother Anastasia. Kostenko hastened to refute this information.

      “It’s very frustrating that I is credited. We have a very decent family. Mom sure wouldn’t want to raise my daughter, I would do it myself this is not allowed. I have yet to the issue of children seriously did not fit. Mom one man, alone together for over 13 years and all children (Darin, which on March 5 will mark the four-year, eight-year-old Victor and 12-year-old Diana) from my stepfather Sergei Shcherbakov. My own father Yaroslav Kostenko – entrepreneur, daddy’s got one, he helps me, devoted to me completely. All my relatives live in the Rostov region Salsk. I left home at the age of 15, enrolled in the ballet school in Stavropol. I could not give birth and to go to the ballet”, – says the model.

      Also, she reported that her younger sister, which probably took as a daughter, was born in that moment, when Kostenko was in China. Abroad she worked under contract in a modeling Agency, participated in fashion shows and photo shoots. Moreover, the baby born five days later after she flew abroad. Anastasia regularly published photos of China in the social network. Besides, Kostenko worked together with a colleague, who remembered, as a friend, was glad that her family had a sister that became confused with her daughter.

      Now fans are discussing the fact that Anastasia Kostenko, probably lives with Dmitri Tarasov. After the Creator of the Internet project Amiran Sardarov visited the athlete’s home, in the Internet appeared the video, where the attentive members noticed the girl in the pink shorts, which was busy at the stove. The player himself admitted that shares housing with his lover. Fans speculated that Anastasia Kostenko became a homemaker in a bachelor flat Tarasov. While the pair won’t confirm or deny a romantic relationship. Video with the new girl Tarasova caused Buzova pain

      Kostenko resent that around her personal life began to spread rumors that have no basis. It is unpleasant, because this can upset her family.

      “She this lie I can handle it, but I have a younger sister and brother. They have harder,” complains Kostenko in conversation with the correspondent of the publication Woman’s Day.