Алена Кравец устроила скандал с бывшей домработницей в прямом эфире The singer came face to face with the woman she accuses of theft. According to Alena Kravets, all said the ex-employee of law enforcement bodies, has no relation to reality.

      Алена Кравец устроила скандал с бывшей домработницей в прямом эфире

      In January of this year, singer and model Alena Kravets was involved in a scandal with the housekeeper. A young woman named Sonia interviewed the former husband of actress Ruslana. He hired her to work. According to the rules of the family Kravets, first of all representatives of their household staff passed probation. Besides, women checked documents, taking away the passport.

      According to the rules of Alena, all workers had to comply with its requirements: to cook in the morning coffee, Breakfast, going without makeup and in uniform, moreover, do not use items belonging to the owners of the mansion.

      “She’s a real thief. She’s trying to blame me now. And would text me threats,” admitted Kravets.
      Алена Кравец устроила скандал с бывшей домработницей в прямом эфире

      The singer claimed that the new employee had not been cleaned properly and was reading a book during working hours. “Education different for everyone… It worked for 10 days, escaped in the night,” said the model.

      Alena Kravets outraged by the lies maids

      The former housekeeper Sofia the resurrection came to the Studio program. The woman said that she began to record conversations with the owners. At the disposal of the editors, “Live” was the audio, which is audible as the ex-spouse Alena refused to return Sonya passport. Besides, in the snippet you can see that the man was rude to Sonya.

      “You are a liar and shameless. 1 January was a major clash with Alena. With Ruslan we identified that my working day from 9 to 21 hours. So here I am to 23-30 late in the day,” said the woman.

      Sonia admitted that Alena Kravets didn’t release her, though he was unhappy with the way a young woman carries out its duties. Ex-housekeeper explained that they had received threats from Ruslan. “I escaped January 13, three hours after I called the police”, – told in detail of the resurrection.

      Sonia explained that nothing was stolen from Alena. However, invited to the transfer of Alexander’s Cousin, who also works in the house Kravets, said that her colleague told me how she’s jealous of Allen.

      Singer Eugenics Didyulya who participated in the program, I remembered that previously have seen Sonya. According to friend Alena that she previously wanted to go to work to the model. Experts and Studio guests entered into disputes with the resurrection. Some believe that she actually stole a ring and a fur coat by Alena. However, others have argued that Kravets was rude to the employee and should also answer before the law.

      Lawyer Yevgeny Chernousov, who was present in the Studio, explained that both the statements of women in the police will not have power, as one case closed for lack of corpus delicti, and second for not enough evidence. However, the lawyer called to investigate the case according to law.