Alla Pugacheva was a double

У Аллы Пугачевой нашелся двойник Netizens were surprised by the similarity of women. According to its users, the wife of comedian Garik Martirosyan Janna Levin like a Diva. She has published in Instagram photo, which exactly-in-exactly repeats the Alla made a few decades ago.
У Аллы Пугачевой нашелся двойник

The wife of a famous comedian Garik Martirosyan Janna Levin often shares with fans a rare family footage, a woman is actively on Instagram, telling fans the latest news. This time Jeanne has published in the Network frame, which has caused excitement among the Internet users. Subscribers noticed that the woman is as two drops of water similar to Alla Borisovna Pugacheva.

“Seven hours, danced for 15-inch heels for a very fun 45-year-old birthday. The beautiful 18-year-old girlfriend. In the morning it hurts all except the head. Her and taking pictures,” said Jeanne.

“Pugachev similar here,” “Pugachev young”, “you Have a great sense of humor, you need with Garik to perform a duet,” said the Network users. A few hours later, Jeanne decided to make a collage. And told that Alla Borisovna it connects not only external similarity.

“My last post caused a storm of comments about my similarity in the pictures of Alla Pugacheva. And you are absolutely right! I love the comedian and Alla likes of comedian. However, I love old and she’s young. I look for 40 years and Alla Borisovna looks 40. However, I’m 20, and Alla Borisovna 69. Me loves my mom and Dolly parton loves my mom. I – “the woman who sings” and Alla “the woman who sings”. However, I sing in the shower and Alla on stage. I’ve seen live Philip Kirkorov and Alla saw. However, I have seen on stage, and Alla Borisovna in the soul” – ironically remarked Jeanne.

The wife of a famous comedian for a lawyer. Garik met with Joan at the Sochi festival of KVN back in 1997. A serious relationship between them began in 1998. In 2004, the couple had a daughter Jasmine, and five years later a son, Daniel. Garik has repeatedly admitted that he is at home and almost all free time tries to spend with his family.