The eldest son of Oksana Akinshina doesn’t live with her

Старший сын Оксаны Акиньшиной не живет с ней The actress explained why the child was left with his father. More than a year, she lives in Switzerland. She faced certain difficulties, giving birth to a daughter. Oksana Akinshina revealed family secrets.
Старший сын Оксаны Акиньшиной не живет с ней

Oksana Akinshina, one of the brightest Actresses of Russian cinema, will chair the jury in the just-ended on the 29th of the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi. Last time, the actress is rarely in Russia, most of the time she and her family – husband, businessman Archil Gelovani and children from him, son Constantine and daughter Emma, live in Switzerland. About Oksana told reporters.

Gelovani Akinshina and moved to the Alps because of the son, who was taken at a local prestigious school.

“It so happened that the elder son invited my husband back after he won the Olympics in mathematics. But unfortunately, it did not let go of mom. In this school became interested in the genes of our family. Archil says: “You are the youngest our not seen.” (Laughs.) And they are in an experiment offered to bring Constantine to the semester that did not in their practice – to get there is impossible in principle, even a lot of money. So we got together and came”, – said Oksana.
Старший сын Оксаны Акиньшиной не живет с ней

Akinshina admitted that to the quiet life in the mountains, she still not quite used to, at times, the actress used to the rhythm of Russian cities, in Switzerland, just boring. “To be honest, I still have not adapted, really want back, but it is impossible. There children safe. This is such an oligarchic village in the Alps, on top, there’s downhill skiing, ski lifts… There, in Switzerland, of course, you can’t be. Don’t know what will happen next year, it is unlikely I will agree to such “gatherings”. It’s just Groundhog day or something, that’s crazy you can” – shared the actress.

Старший сын Оксаны Акиньшиной не живет с ней

Oksana also spoke about his little daughter Emma. The girl was born in January last year. 31-year-old Akinshina admitted that once took daughter, she just didn’t know what to do with it. But left alone with novrozhdennymi child, mother of many children, adopted a girl and now Dotes on her.

“I didn’t understand what to do with it. The first six months were very difficult, I just couldn’t take it. I had a feeling that I first gave birth, this is my first baby… And then I stayed with her one and all… It’s incredible, unreal! It is not me, not someone else, it is in itself. Doll. She’s very funny, kid like this, a real Georgian chick just always in the way. Men it will break, in that sense I’m calm a hundred percent. She is ten months already a woman wears handbags”, – said Oksana.

Have Akinshina three children. Senior Philip 9 years old, he was born in the marriage with Dmitry Litvinov. Oksana has told that the boy does not live with her. And the reason for that is the health of the child. The actress did not disclose details, but said that he has some problems. “Philip lives in St. Petersburg with my mother. It is not all just from the point of view of health, so they live there. This one particularly doesn’t know and better not to talk about it”, – quotes Akinshina