Alla Pugacheva spoke about the premiere of Nikita Presnyakov

Алла Пугачева высказалась о  премьере Никиты Преснякова
She gave her grandson a fair assessment.

A scene from the musical “the Seagull”

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Nikita Presnyakov was on the eve of a very important day: the heir of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov went to the big stage in the troupe of the “Theatre of the moon”. 26-year-old artist along with Anastasia Stotskaya played the main role in the musical “the Seagull”, screenings of which began two weeks ago.

Nikita was very nervous before the performance: that the audience, in addition to a strong fans at the time were members of his famous family. In particular, to evaluate what has been done Presnyakov-Junior work came his grandmother Alla Pugacheva. After the speech, it was she who first expressed his authoritative opinion on the statement of the grandson.

“Moon theatre” pleasantly surprised by the production of “the Seagull” (Chekhov). Just great, young, and in the hall was not indifferent to this action. Well done! Just be happy Nikita Presnyakov coped with the new role (Treplev). A wonderful experience. Congratulations!” — shared his impressions Alla.

To appear on the premiere of the Diva chose a very extravagant outfit. She was dressed in a mini skirt and complements the image bottomtime. Some fans criticized Dolly parton for inappropriate appearance for the theatre.