Firstborn Nyusha will give birth to a surrogate mother?

Первенца Нюши родит суррогатная мама?
The singer commented on the widespread rumor about her personal life.


Photo: @nyusha_nyusha (Instagram Nyusha)

Recently, the Network spread the rumor that Jane allegedly started looking for a surrogate mother. As reported, the singer was prepared to trust to the selected candidate such an important mission as the birth of her first child. Nyusha, the assurances of “knowledgeable” people don’t want to give birth to itself, as this may adversely affect her perfect figure.

The rumor about this came the other day to the NYSE. She was greatly outraged that she was credited. She learned about it in the show “Entourage 1” on Love Radio. Within the radio Nyusha read the list with the latest rumors about himself and commented on each of them.

“Nyusha followed in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian: artist looking for a surrogate mother because he is afraid to spoil the figure,” read the singer prepared by the leading “news” about yourself. Having read to the end of the sentence, Jane immediately said firmly: “This is, of course, a lie! Very incorrect information”

About the children star, by the way, I am beginning to think even long before the wedding with his chosen one — Igor Sivov. “In my opinion, it is quite natural when you, being a wife, having a career, having finally perform their main function of women — said Jane. — I think for every woman, motherhood is very important. This is our destiny, we were created for this, just each of us goes through it differently… There are girls who almost immediately go back to work, and someone may go on maternity leave for five years. And there are no right or wrong decision, everyone makes a choice for himself. I think at this point I seriously think, when you already become a mother!”

In addition, the singer in the show has denied rumours that her mother did not approve of him. (talking about her husband Nyusha), and also spoke about his attitude to plastic surgery.