Alla Pugacheva publicly lashed out on Maxim Fadeev

Алла Пугачева прилюдно набросилась на Максима Фадеева
The singer told the producer the war because of the “blue lights”.

Алла Пугачева прилюдно набросилась на Максима Фадеева

Alla Pugacheva


Maxim Fadeev

Photo: Instagram

Maxim Fadeev joined
to discuss the Christmas “lights”.
After December 31, many viewers
left unhappy with what was shown
the Central channel, and a well-known producer — is no exception. But, Fadeev hardly expected,
that discussion and verbal sparring
with him on the social network will join Alla
Borisovna Pugacheva. “Well, it’s been a year
since then, as the wave of public
discontent against the new year
“lights,” wrote
Maxim. And during all this
year television bosses promised us
in the coming year, things will change
and a new transmission will not be similar to
that was done TV before.
I was just wondering, and do
if something has changed? Who were watching TV in the
festive night, share impressions.
Out the “lights” to a new level and
what do you do?”

“You all sound like
an aging loser? the singer wrote
in comments to the post musician. —
You get bored in Bali? Not “Muti”, no
you say, and go and change all this, make a steeper.
Only promises. Telling you this from
love to you and your creativity. You
genius. Mind your own business. Have you got
cool to get. Happy New year!”

In this case, subscribers
showed rare unanimity. Except
two or three reviews, fans
thanked Dolly parton for what
“she voiced their thoughts,” and asked
Fadeev “to take the bull by the horns”.

By the way, this is not the first
scandal after a television
new year’s eve 2018. On the eve of songwriter Alexander
Vulich accused the author of the new hit Alla
Pugacheva in “blatant plagiarism”. It
was unpleasantly surprised that the new
song Diva “I flew” turned out
obsessive-like composition,
written for Igor Saruhanov
“Invented love”. As it became known,
after the media spread
the news about the scandal, Alla personally
Vulich called and apologized.
As one would expect, the singer honestly
admitted that I never heard
song sarukhanova, and therefore to detect
the similarity of the songs are unable. Besides,
to check whether written
music customers plagiarism is not
duty Pugacheva. These things
must ensure competent professionals.