Mocks! Tarasov reiterated the family “Tarabrikov” Anastasia Kostenko

Издевается! Тарасов повторил семейный снимок «Тарабузиков» с Анастасией Костенко
Fans believe that the player copies the poses in the photos, just to spite the ex-spouse

Издевается! Тарасов повторил семейный снимок «Тарабузиков» с Анастасией Костенко

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

Olga Buzova furious. Fans of the singer,
as you know, closely watched not
only for the microblog of his idol,
but the social page of her former
husband Dmitry Tarasov. Last
posting a photo of a family holiday
in the Maldives with his bride Anastasia
Kostenko, aroused the indignation of subscribers. The fact is,
what the on which player posing
with a new lover, exactly repeated
a photo of “Tarabuco” what
and did not fail to inform users
Network. Anastasia Kostenko sitting on the shoulders
Dmitri, who stands waist-deep in the ocean the same as a few years ago. Only then on the shoulders of the athlete sat Olga. By the way, the first picture (Buzova), was
made almost in the same place
romantic Islands.

Frame Tarasov
signed: “Love is”, and then
brought down on himself a storm of hard-hitting
reviews. “And the first two times was what? Not
love? Not only that, resting there,
where at one time with Olga, and
photographed with Kostenko in the same
poses! Why spread the same
pictures, but with different women? A disgrace!”

But the
frequent comment was: “You
not a man, as Wi-Fi”. It
a phrase from a popular song Buzova
members expressed their emotions. This
composition Olga presented at the end of last
year and dedicated it to Tarasov. “Cry
about you, I promise.
Sit down, calm down, don’t panic.
I, like you, love don’t play —
me you want and get it…
I declare a friendship between us. No need
batting her eyes. If you want, let’s yourself
for all liberality, if
you’re not a man, and Wi-Fi. But with me
you have not to catch
you know everything about sex, but not
about love,” sang star.