Алла Пугачева чудом спаслась от маньяка Diva gave home address to the killer. Anatoly Nagiyev was collecting the crumbs of information about the singer. He met her in the dressing room, which came under the form of a solid fan.
Алла Пугачева чудом спаслась от маньяка

Alla Pugacheva was popular in the 70-ies. Then, the singer became known across the Soviet Union. Many admired the incredible voice of the artist. However, the increased attention to her person could be artist sad. At the time, Alla was not of protection, which could protect her from her obsessive fans.

30 years later opened circumstances of the criminal case – Anatoly Nagiyev persistently sought a meeting with Pugacheva. His mania began in that moment, when he was serving time in prison for rape. At that time the young man was only 17 years old.

In Moscow the native of the Irkutsk region came several times. He was tracking the movement Pugacheva, knew her schedule, have been to presentations, I found out the circle of acquaintances. Later in the book maniac found 27 locations. When he found that one of them belongs to Alla Borisovna, for this thing came from another Department and conducted an investigation.

According to one version, Anatoly came to the house, however, did not wait, when will appear a Diva. On the other – she appeared very late and into the entrance after it entered Nagiyev. When Alla entered the Elevator, the maniac called the Concierge, but then stopped to lightheadedness – in the eyes of men as if there were eyeballs, they were spinning incredibly fast, and then stopped. Then the man abruptly got out of the house. After a while it became clear that the Diva was personally told Anatolia, where he lives.

“It was a long time ago, more than 30 years, but as far as I remember, Nagiyev got respectable clothes, bought beautiful flowers and entered the dressing room of the singer, where had a serious man. He expressed admiration, filled with compliments, she agreed to meet, gave my card, which was given her home address,” recalled former police officer Nikolai Efimenko.

Disrupted plan Nagiev moved to Kursk. And detained him for the ring of the dead, which he tried to pawn. As it turned out, one night he raped on the train Kharkiv-Moscow two conductor and two passengers, and the body thrown out the window.

“He then told his operas that every victim saw Alla. He was, perhaps, the fastest serial killer in criminal history. A sort of Express Chikatilo” – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” detective Amir Sabitov, who in those years worked as the Deputy chief of criminal investigation Department of the Rostov region.

Maniac was hiding on the outskirts of the village in Novocherkassk and believed that can get to the Divas. In the early 80’s “hunter of the head” shot.