Звезды «Акул пера» раскритиковали Ольгу Бузову в эфире телешоу A celebrity came to the shooting of Andrei Malakhov. In the transmission discussed the popular program “Shark pen” which was released on screens 20 years ago. For this reason in the Studio gathered journalists asking stars provocative questions.
Звезды «Акул пера» раскритиковали Ольгу Бузову в эфире телешоу

On Friday, April 27, on the channel “Russia 1” showed a very special edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, devoted to the cult of the project “wordsmiths”. The last episode was released in December 1998. 20 years later the participants gathered at Andrei Malakhov, to remember the past.

Leading asked Masha Rasputina, not experienced whether it is negative feelings because of the provocative questions the “Sharks of the pen”. “The press does not need to be offended. Unhappy people. My God have mercy on these sinners,” said star, laughing.

Among the guests of the broadcast were, and Olga Buzova. Television personality and aspiring singer handed Andrei Malakhov gold button one million subscribers on the YouTube channel of his TV show. The girl said she heard about the program “wordsmiths”. Conversing with Olga, Andrey Malakhov has noticed that she and Masha Rasputina have something in common. Leading remembered that Rasputin told us about a failed affair with Philip Kirkorov.

“What does not work? We had a joke, abandoned to the press. Phillip’s always been like brother and sister. No more,” said Mary.
Звезды «Акул пера» раскритиковали Ольгу Бузову в эфире телешоу

Olga added that she was pleased to support such talented people like Philip. Suddenly, the journalist Alexey Ostudin Buzova suspected of insincerity. “You came here, you are right in the way. Be itself,” he said. “I am the way I am. 14 years old was watching me the whole country”, – said the artist.

Regina männik also commented on the activities Buzova. “I think it is certainly a phenomenon. I begin to understand our country through Olga. Don’t mean to offend, and it including. The popularity of which is Olga, it is impossible to buy,” said the actress. Then the conversation took a colleague Regina on “wordsmiths” Michael Margolis. He noticed that the main theme of the program was Olga Buzova.

“Tell me, please, you really think that you need to discuss as a singer? I perceive you as today’s HYIP. I rather think that you are the person, who, by and large, nobody, but wanted to untwist itself, so that everything about her was saying,” said Margolis.
Звезды «Акул пера» раскритиковали Ольгу Бузову в эфире телешоу

Olga was quick to point out that she is an artist – a singer, TV presenter, writer and actress. The star drew attention to the fact that her performances are harvested sold-outs nationwide. Margolis disagreed with Buzova. The girl said to the journalist.

“First, I would never call any person by anyone, retorted Olga. Even if he has not achieved any heights, he still remains a man. Second, you asked a question, do you like what you discuss as a singer. I consider myself an artist.”

But Margolis thinks that the girl is not necessary to describe their activities with this word. “Let’s agree on terms. If you say the artist, I imagine Alla Demidov. Some of you are not artist. If you call yourself a singer, I imagine, for example, Taylor swift, Janis Joplin and Zemfira. So, some of you are not a singer. Zemfira and you – both of you are singers?” – said Michael. Buzova stated that her interlocutor is engaged in discrimination of other artists.

In the final transfer Olga Buzova has pleased the public performance of the song “Wi-Fi”. Andrey Malakhov began to dance along with peers under the applause of the audience.