Alla Pugacheva has excited fans bare shoulders

Алла Пугачева взбудоражила поклонников оголенными плечами The prima Donna starred in the Christmas edition of the show “Maximmaxim”. Celebrity struck everyone present as its stunning appearance. The guests and users of social networks found that Alla is getting younger every year.

      Shooting the Christmas gear is in full swing. The stars of show business congratulate each other a happy holiday and flaunt the stylish outfits. The other day at “Mosfilm” was the recording of the program “Maximmaxim”, which was attended by many celebrities, including Laima Vaikule, Natasha Koroleva, Ani Lorak, Valeria, Philip Kirkorov and Kristina Orbakaite. To support Maxim Galkin came to his beloved wife Alla Pugacheva.

      Alla Pugacheva flashed a Flirty new year images

      On the day of filming the festive program Diva looked simply amazing. She was dressed in a short black dress, decorated with sparkling sequins. Outfit of the artist coquettishly bared her shoulders, and edgy, the band has completed a massive the latest trend necklace.

      “Three blondes” – these words of Valery signed a joint photo with the Diva, and Christina Aguilera.

      Users of social networks found that celebrities look great and showered them with compliments. “Very beautiful and stunning”, “Alla like a girl,” “Three sisters,” “Remarkable women,” “What a touching picture, not just words, darling”, “your Eyes”, “Like younger every year”, “Amazing”, “Magical”, “Queen”, was discussed by the fans of celebrities.

      “The hostess and the Belle of the ball Alla was gorgeous, witty, and irresistible, as always!” – said Philip in his microblog.

      Previously, Alla Pugacheva took part in the filming of “Christmas night” on the First channel, one of the most exciting holiday programs. In addition to Diva, which enthralled all those present stylish outfits, on the record before it was also possible to see Sofia Rotaru, Dima Bilan, Stas Mikhailov, Hope Babkin, Irina Allegrova, the lolita Milyavskaya, Oleg Gazmanov, Vladimir Presnyakov, the group “Leningrad” and many other stars of show business.

      In a recent interview, the Diva spoke about her plans to celebrate the New year with family. The artist is going to set a fancy table, which will be presented to all holiday dishes, including Russian salad, fish under marinade, herring under a fur coat and other delicious dishes. Preparations for this evening had already begun: recently, Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin decorated luxury mansion in the village of Mud. The star couple has created a magical atmosphere in your home. Pugacheva and Galkin fabulously decorated castle for the New year