Alla Pugacheva friend: “don’t you dare die!”

Алла Пугачева подруге: «Не смей умирать!» Artist saves the poetess Karina Philippi. Diva watching her health, regularly visits the house and energizes. Also Alla ordered her two songs to his 70th anniversary.
Алла Пугачева подруге: «Не смей умирать!»

Modest room, bed, bedside table, where only the lamp and medications… for many years the author hits Alla bedridden due to diabetes 82-year-old Karina Filippova lost both legs, lost his sight. All these years with a woman and her husband, artist Boris Diodorov. But the prima Donna does not forget the poet. On the eve of its 70-year anniversary of the singer will celebrate his big solo concert in Moscow – she ordered Karin Stepanovna a new song. And surprised her by writing the old one, to fulfill which was abandoned nearly two decades.

“When I read her a poem, where there are such lines: “Fuck me God worthy to die…”, Alla as snapped: “don’t you dare die, I need you!” – shares with “StarHit” Filippov. – She is very supportive, we have long established some kind of mystical connection… Feel that she now needed me to be in working condition. First of all, when Alla came to visit and sat down beside the bed, she turned on the song “today I may covenants of silence will break…”

I literally fell out of the jaw. 20 years ago, he wrote to her these verses… But she then refused to take them. And now, apparently, grown up. Performed amazing, shocked me! When Alla left, I said to my husband: “Put it again!” And Boris I: “So on the phone also included, are taken away”. I didn’t know that was possible”.

Recently, the Diva is a regular at the poet: together, they are working on another composition.

“That’s it, I’m restless,- continues Karina Stepanovna. – While Alla didn’t quite work out, but we together bring to mind. A song about her fate, character. Ashamed to say that Pugacheva in person, but I confess: all my life, I wrote on the basis that it can only sing it. My songs for her.”

With Pugacheva poet familiar 50 years. “Allah came to me when she was 18, says Filippov. – Then asked to predict what will happen in the future. I immediately identified – will be a star. Then our paths often crossed.

When I got sick, was not to burden Pugachev requests. Yes I did, and was not required. We secretly waited this difficult time in the country in the Saratov region, did everything, my great man, no need experienced. Now I’m grateful for the help and for the fact that it his energy and attention keeps me vitality. In the next few days again waiting for her to visit.”