The explosion at the concert Ariana Grande, killed dozens of people

В результате взрыва на концерте Арианы Гранде погибли десятки людей Almost immediately after the speech of the American singer at the indoor stadium Manchester Arena, held in the framework of her European tour, sounded claps. It soon became clear that it was explosives. Currently, the police is considering the version of the attack. According to the latest data, the tragedy claimed the lives of 22 people, more than 50 injured.

Tonight at the concert of the popular singer Ariana Grande in Manchester was a terrible tragedy. Shortly after the show in the hall of the explosion. It happened at the very moment when the public is still in full force was at the indoor stadium. According to recent reports, it killed 22 people, 59 spectators were seriously injured. Within minutes social media was filled with the horrifying footage of the scene — people in panic left the pitch, trying as soon as possible to be on the street.

It is noteworthy that the audience Ariana Grande — mostly young people and teenagers. After some time, the Network began to appear of record, stating that parents cannot find their children. It is known that the artist was not injured. Ariana shocked and may not recover from the experience. The social network “Twitter” the idol of millions left a note in which he shared his feelings.

“Is broken. With all my heart, I’m so sorry. I have no words,” wrote Grande on her Twitter page.

The police considers the version of the attack. Probably in near future there will be more information about the tragedy and its consequences. Now people around the world are leaving their condolences to the families of those killed and injured people in distress in Manchester.

Reporters contacted the witnesses of the incident. Louise and Nicholas, who were at the concert, said that only heard one explosion that reminded them of cotton.

“In the end, after she sang the last song, and we were about to leave we heard a clap to the left of us. People began to flee, started to panic. There was a terrible crush, people are very much panicking and crying. There were a lot of children. People throwing phones. We are also very much panicked. And didn’t know what to do with it. Then we went to the entrance. When we come to the main lobby, I smelled — smelled either grey or gunpowder or burnt rubber… We came out of the back door in the crowd and a stampede… We know what happened when I returned home,” shared the young people to reporters.

Law enforcement bodies consider the version of a terrorist act. NBC News, citing sources, reported that the explosion could commit suicide. According to CBS, the bomb was stuffed with striking elements.

According to TMZ, the singer has decided to pause its microvam tour. Ariana has cancelled a concert in London and rescheduled the concerts in several European countries — Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Prime Ministers of great Britain Theresa may said that the investigation engaged in law enforcement. After the tragedy, the politician has suspended his campaign.

According to eyewitnesses of Louise and Nicholas, at the stadium “there was no security.” “Metal detectors don’t have any bags checked in practice. Devices was not just for picking up water. We opened the bag, but the employee did not check the contents, not groped, not tested. Just take the water. It was the staff of the arena, clearly not police officers”, — quotes “Rain” fans of the American singer.

Other visitors of the concert written in the social networks that shocked. According to one of the fans of Ariana Grande, he heard a sound like thunder. “We had some people with panic attacks and various disorders… one of the girls was having a panic attack, another flood of tears outside the woman had a heart attack,” Tyler told The Guardian.

“When we left, the bomb exploded inches away from me. The people’s skin, blood, feces everywhere, including in my hair and on my bag. I still find her hair in God knows what,” wrote Abby Mullen on Facebook.

Currently, the police blocked the traffic in Manchester, the city is limited. A number of countries have expressed condolences to great Britain. In the Federation Council of Russia said it was ready to help in investigation of terrorist attack on the stadium.

The Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leuven shocked by what happened in Manchester. “Terrible news from Manchester. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and the British people”, — stated in the message policy.

Later the British police confirmed that the blast was carried out by a suicide bomber who died on the spot. According to Sky News, the bomb was in the backpack of the attacker. The terrorist ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Note that the Network spread photo bloody Ariana Grande. In the picture, which appeared on the Internet, the American performer holds the head with his hand. After some time it became clear that the frame nadelali a lot of noise, is a fake. It was made back in 2015 for the filming of the video artist.

The newly elected President of France Emmanuel macron expressed his condolences to the British people, leaving a post on the page in a social network. The politician said that the countries will work together to fight terrorism.

My condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the tragedy were expressed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The message on it appeared on the official website of the President. “We strongly condemn this cynical, inhuman crime. We hope that its customers will not leave from the deserved punishment”, – said Vladimir Putin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed support for relatives and friends of the victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester. “It is impossible to imagine that someone uses funny pop concert to kill so many people or cause them serious injury,” said the German politician.

Later, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, stated that the UK capital are increased security measures in connection with the suspicious of a parcel at the railway station Victoria and explosion in Manchester.