Алла Пугачева и Иван Ургант повеселились в Юрмале In the beginning of the month in the Latvian city, a festival of Laima Vaikule. This event was attended by many Russian celebrities, among whom were Christina Aguilera, Maxim Galkin, Edyta piecha, Vladimir Presnyakov, and many others. Photos of the secret life stars shared Tatiana Zemtsova.

      Алла Пугачева и Иван Ургант повеселились в Юрмале

      In early July, in Jurmala festival “Laima Vaikule. Jurmala. Rendezvous”. The event was attended by numerous Russian stars. Unsurpassed lime gathered together all his old friends at the same stage of the concert hall “Dzintari”. The audience was able to see performances of original duets and trios, as well as to evaluate new song favorite artists.

      Many celebrities stayed in Jurmala after how to complete a music event, as the Baltic sea was planned numerous after-party. To the surprise of many, on one of these parties appeared Alla Pugacheva, who could not attend the festival. According to the wife of Maxim Galkin, a Diva not attended a concert in the “Dzintari”, as all the time spent with the children and didn’t want to leave their nannies.

      On one evening, Alla Pugacheva all-taki has noticed in the company Laima Vaikule and Ivan Urgant. Showman arrived in Latvia together with his wife, Natalia. Picture of the secret life of artists shared Tatiana Zemtsova on the page in a social network. Judging from the picture, the celebrity spent the evening in one of the cosy restaurants of Latvia. The atmosphere was conducive to intimate conversation, while the guests tasted local dishes.

      Recall that Alla Pugacheva settled in Jurmala since the beginning of summer. Together with their children Lisa and Harry, the singer lives in the residence with six bedrooms, owned by a Latvian banker Victor Krasovickaya is nearly 2500 square meters. According to one of the Latvian realtors, the house has everything you need for relaxation: swimming pool, tennis courts that can be transformed into a concert hall, sauna, library, cinema room, a winter garden, a Conservatory with a bamboo grove. The Spa area is decorated with a mosaic from sheets of 24 Karat gold. Bath decorated with blue granite walls and rooms of the cherry tree.

      For the safety of the family Pugacheva answer five security guards. They are on duty on the premises. However, in Jurmala, the Diva goes without security. The singer and her children accompanied by only two nannies. Local residents have seen the mother with the kids on the Playground or on the way to the beach.

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