Иван Охлобыстин: «Продать машину моей мечты жена заставила путем гипноза»
Cars in the artist’s life is invariably associated with crime and detective stories.

Иван Охлобыстин: «Продать машину моей мечты жена заставила путем гипноза»

Ivan Okhlobystin with his wife Oksana

Photo: Elena Sukhova

“My car was deep inside the ill-fated “Moskvich”. At the same time with his driver, we somehow opened the door and got out on the road. Somehow I have not found anything better than saying “Ku-ku”. From what my partner has made some kind of a conclusion and pulled out a gun,” says Ivan Okhlobystin.

I’m only rationally apply to cars: for me it’s the sort of thing where you can go, nothing more. Only once I fell in love with the make of the car and passionately wanted exactly this. It was in the Crimea, in Yalta, on the filming of “the Shelter of comedians” in the fall of 1994. All went to shoot on some location, and I stayed in the hotel one. And I was doing absolutely nothing. Besides, the day before we were paid a salary for two months. In other words, I went to the casino, located nearby, played all night and won some severe money. I remember I was on a Raglan coat and hat-“cock”. And so I stuffed his millions in the pockets of his pants and coat, and hat: get the full Petushok million. And when I walked out, I witnessed a clear conversation of the guards that I need to kill and Rob. I ran from them along the waterfront. Over the sea rose the dawn, deserted Yalta embankment was covered with beautiful yellow and red leaves. Same bright leaves covered and parked right on the waterfront, a lone car — a Honda Legend. His form seemed perfect, but in General all these scenes unbearably beautiful. So for a moment I even forgot about the circumstances that brought me here… But the clatter and uneven breathing of my violent pursuers, proceeding already very close, brought me back down to earth. Shaking off a beautiful obsession, I ran even faster, on the move throwing money out of your pockets. I was hoping intruders that will stop or at least delay. Not at all! Then I took the coat off, on the move tore and threw “cock” together with the stored there by the millions. Because life is more expensive! And still the chase continued. In happiness, I was more athletic. And finished first at the hotel “Oreanda”, where I was saved by the cops. It was a bright, eventful night. But clearly the memory stuck perfect vision: a shiny new Honda Legend in bright autumn leaves on the deserted promenade. And since then, I began to dream about this wonderful car…

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  • Иван Охлобыстин: «Продать машину моей мечты жена заставила путем гипноза»
    Ivan Okhlobystin


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