Alla Pugachev was accused of plastic surgery

Аллу Пугачеву уличили в пластических операциях
The plastic surgeon made a statement on the appearance of the prima Donna.

Alla Pugacheva


About the beauty secrets of Alla Pugacheva is legendary. Someone thinks that the Diva drink a mysterious pill “against old age”, others believe that the result of its beautiful appearance — healthy lifestyle, and special diets. And recently, the Network appeared the assumption that the legendary singer, allegedly resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon.

According to candidate of medical Sciences Illia Kislyakova, he does not have reliable information with respect to the head, but given your professional experience, can assume that Alla Borisovna repeatedly laid on the table of the surgeon.

He stated that, based on snapshots of the artist in different years, sees indirect signs of several interventions. Among other things, he said that prima Donna probably did, fronto-temporal lifting, resection blepharoplasty, circular face lift. In addition, the surgeon does not exclude that the singer may enjoys more and fillers that create volume in the area of the cheekbones.

“It should be noted that Alla Borisovna looks great in his later years, and repeatedly proves to all that the age of beauty – not a hindrance. It’s like she turned back time, and to the credit not only of beauty experts. Proper nutrition, moderate exercise and, of course, love transforming Queen of pop,” he was quoted