A tearful Catherine Barnabas showed a broken face

Заплаканная Екатерина Варнава показала разбитое лицо
Fans expressed sympathy for the star Comedy Woman.

Yekaterina Varnava

Photo: @Instagram kativarnava Catherine Barnabas

Yekaterina Varnava triggered the rumors in the Network that was abused. The reason was it is published a selfie with a broken face. Photo too worried fans, suggested that the star Comedy Woman in need of sympathy and support. “What horror… What happened?” asked the subscribers.

However, apparently, the reasons for experience of her fans are actually not. In comments to the snapshot Catherine wryly remarked that she just simply “just stumbled”. Most likely, Barnabas showed subscribers the make-up.

Stars, by the way, often resort to such “tricks” and tweet their “scary” pictures from the shooting of various projects. Most impressive, perhaps, was the frame from the set of the sci-Fi series “Better than people”. It was filmed Paulina Andreeva, whose face was disguised almost beyond recognition. The bride Fyodor Bondarchuk seemed then greatly mutilated.