Алла Довлатова «прошлась» по Екатерине Гордон в прямом эфире
What sparked the conflict between colleagues?

Алла Довлатова «прошлась» по Екатерине Гордон в прямом эфире

Katya Gordon with sons

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Alla Dovlatov on a walk with his daughter Masha

Photo: @Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Alla Dovlatov and Katya Gordon staged a public showdown on a sharp subject. Two star mom showed radically different views on the appropriateness of breastfeeding in public places. First, the Network has supported Gordon. She enjoys poetry, so my thoughts often expresses in poetic form. Kate read on-camera work in which came to the defense of mothers feeding in public babies. Opponents of this process she called “perverts, snobs and fanatics.”

Dovlatov during a live radio broadcast did not agree with the opinion of Gordon. Alla said that Kate “ugly” and feels the lack of male attention, so glad publicly to once again flash my bust. The actress offended the words of radio host and she asked for support from fans.

“Then during the broadcast, Alla Dovlatov, arguing with my position about the fact that feeding babies in public is irrelevant to perversion has not suspected me that I just have a lack of male attention and I’m ugly. Arrived at the office and want to check the change of my opinion about the feeding after you drop me some kind words? Guys a request to you in the first place: maybe I do, unlike Alla, Fagot?” — asked Gordon.

We will remind that last year and Alla and Katya become mothers. Dovlatov has four children: three daughters and one son. And Gordon is a mom of two boys. By the way, this topic is a “stumbling block” to many bloggers and public mothers in Russia and abroad. For example, criticism for calling for public feeding at the time, was subjected to such Hollywood stars as Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba and many others.