Алла Довлатова назвала жену Караченцова его врагом Leading considers Lyudmila Porgina to blame for the tragedy that happened with people’s artist. Alla Dovlatov wrote in his microblog angry post, which made unflattering remarks about the actress. Spouse Nikolay Karachentsova in shock from the accusation.

      Алла Довлатова назвала жену Караченцова его врагом

      The whole country experienced a real horror, when on the night of February 28, 2005 millions of your favorite actor Nikolay Karachentsov has got into a terrible accident, after which I left disabled. The actor hurried to his wife being upset after the news of the death of Tiffany. For the life of a star of screens fought the paramedics, and then the family. Wife Lyudmila Porgina lifted her husband to his feet and to this day, surrounds him with love and care.

      The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova Lyudmila Porgina changed her image

      No wonder she was shocked by the allegations leading Alla Dovlatova, which made the controversial statement on his page in Instagram. After watching the movie “White dew” with the participation of Karachentsova the woman decided to make public his thoughts on events more than a decade ago.

      “Remember, Stas Sadalsky told me how it all happened! Horrible! Karachentsov came home (in my opinion, after the performance), were strongly drunk, was going to go to bed and suddenly, my wife called me (she had a grief – mother died) and she demands that Nikolai came to her cottage. She knew he was drunk driving, and would not let it, and Vice versa,” condemned the honored artist of leading.

      Then Alla recalled an episode from his own childhood about the friends of her parents. While the man and his son were vacationing on the Black sea, his wife’s father died. The woman did not want to spoil the rest of the family and nothing is reported about the tragedy until, until they returned home.

      “Karachentsov, of course, lucky with the people’s love, but not everyone is lucky with their wives! Dear women! I think it is in our power, women and wives should be more cordial, wise and humane,” he said of Dovlatov, calling the artist’s wife his enemy.

      “Sick in the head people, they should be treated. Let Sadalsky in his shorts digging, and not in someone else’s life. It is unclear why they are both generally allow myself to write that. Full of such people, they only want someone to blame. When my mother died, I said, “Kolya not to Wake up, let him sleep, I’ll call him in the morning”. I would never have allowed himself the night to report this stake and get him drunk behind the wheel. It’s all talk and dirt — the dogs bark, the caravan moves on. This is just creepy” — shared “Life.ru” honored artist.