Yuliya Efimova will get rid of the car for Olympic apartments

Юлия Ефимова избавится от олимпийского авто ради квартиры The athlete is going to sell the car, which she received silver medals won at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Yuliya Efimova explained that she really needed the money for other purposes.

      24-year-old swimmer Yuliya Efimova brought in a moneybox of Russian national team two silver medals, defending the honor of the Motherland at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. The athlete received as a gift from “Fund of support of Olympians of Russia” the car of premium class, which costs about three million rubles. About two weeks ago, Efimova took the car in the dealer center of the company.

      However, the girl made a decision to sell a prestige vehicle, as she needs the money to purchase real estate. Julia wants to settle in Moscow, so she planned to buy an apartment in the Russian capital. Why Olympic Champions to part with expensive gifts

      “I decided to sell the BMW X4 received two silver medals in Rio 2016. Sincerely grateful for this gift to the “Fund of support of Olympians of Russia” and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. But now I have other needs,” – said Yulia reporters.

      According to swimmer, she already has one car, which she got a bronze medal from the Olympic games in London in 2012. Then the athletes were presented with new Audi A6. Since about four years Efimova has lived in the US, the car she barely drove. The vehicle was waiting for mistress in the hometown of Olympic medallist and Volgodonsk.

      Recently Julia has decided to leave the United States. In Moscow, she wants to organize a team, while inviting as mentors for foreign specialist and his father, the deserved trainer of Russia Andrey Efimov.

      “I already said that in my life and career be a big change – I return to Russia, organize a professional team that will hold training camp and participate in competitions around the world. And the apartment in Moscow, which will support the centre in all movements Efimova Team, just need. The other day I watched real estate prices in the capital and realized that without selling the BMW X4 can not do. Moreover, it is desirable for a collector’s price,” admitted Efimova.

      As described in the company publication “All sport”, the car will be sold on a “private auction”. All the issues will be solved agent Efimova Anna Mitkova. If the car will buy in the next week, Julia has promised to personally ride with a new owner.