Алла Довлатова и Катя Гордон сцепились, обсуждая кормление грудью TV hosts staged a public showdown on a sharp subject. Two stellar mom, Kathy Gordon and Alla Dovlatova, showed dramatically opposite views on the appropriateness of breastfeeding in public places. Both celebrities have published a post on Instagram on this subject.
Алла Довлатова и Катя Гордон сцепились, обсуждая кормление грудью

Alla Dovlatov and Katya Gordon staged a debate about the appropriateness of breast-feeding a baby in public areas. First star mom started an argument on the radio.

Alla sharply expressed in the address of Kati. Radio presenter called Gordon “ugly” woman who lacks men’s attention. For this reason, the blonde is pleased to publicly flash my bust.

Soon Kate has published a post on the Network, in it she asked for support from fans.

“So… the Question is boys. Here live Alla Dovlatov, arguing with my position about the fact that feeding babies in public is irrelevant to perversion has not suspected me that I just have a lack of male attention and I’m ugly… Arrived at the office and want to check the change of my opinion about the feeding after you drop me some kind words. Guys, want to ask you in the first place: maybe I do, unlike Alla, Fagot?” – asked Gordon Network users.
Алла Довлатова и Катя Гордон сцепились, обсуждая кормление грудью

After Gordon himself, taking the aid of like-minded girls, also wrote a post on Instagram. Alla said that in a short time will continue to defend his position on TV (talking about today’s edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on “Russia 1”).

“All these beautiful women moms. But moms are dignified and respect themselves and others. We would never allow herself to expose in public place Boobs. And all because we have the attention of men, and we are not trying to attract it an additional way,” – said Alla.

We will remind that earlier on the issue of breastfeeding in public places in favor of tutta Larsen. TV presenter admitted that he didn’t see anything wrong with that. However recommended that mothers baby still cover the naked parts.

“Personally, I am a passionate advocate for breastfeeding at least up to a year, fed the youngest son in public places. In order to feed the baby, do not have to be naked, I am not advocating nudity at people’s chests, but there are always ways either to retire or to hide behind,” said tutta.

Julia Kovalchuk, who gave birth to daughter Amelia in the autumn of last year, in turn, told fans that did not leave the work in connection with the decree. And continued breastfeeding baby with newfangled gadgets.

“Yes, I still feed the child itself and his own chest. It was my great desire, and there was not a second that I doubted. Of course, I didn’t imagine how will be tied to the baby, but it was worth it! Work, shooting, concerts – no problem. But I always have to carry a breast pump. I keep my milk, it remains as the mobile. At the present time the benefit of as many convenient gadgets and accessories that any young mummy may full to feed their children, and get to work!” – Julia shared with fans.