Ольга Бузова затаила обиду на Машу Распутину The TV presenter has released a new production video blog in which she shares her experiences and exclusive content. Not so long ago Olga Buzova took part in shooting the program of Andrey Malakhov. Among the guests were also Masha Rasputina.
Ольга Бузова затаила обиду на Машу Распутину

Television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova published a new edition of his video blog, which talked about the creation of the hit “music” with Basta, participation in the program Andrei Malakhov and tours in Volgograd.

The audience was able to look into the dressing room of the stars and to hear what she was chatting with colleagues during breaks. Apparently, once we are talking about criticism from colleagues and users of social networks. According to Olga, many of those who condemn it, do not want to prove their point of view.

“I want people from the show business or those who write me comments, arguments said to my face their opinion, – said the girl. – I can argue if I don’t like something. For example, I hate cheese cakes. Because dad poisoned me foul cheesecakes”.
Ольга Бузова затаила обиду на Машу Распутину

Recently the shooting one of the new releases “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” with the participation of Olga Buzova. Leading personally greeted her. “Take every step”, – said Malakhov, seeing the operators working on the vlog Buzova. “How I love your laughter,” she said, adding that first came on the show to peers and a good friend. The intent of the producers, Olga gave Andrew gold button one million subscribers on the YouTube channel.

Ольга Бузова затаила обиду на Машу Распутину“And when you do I will to congratulate? We have to try, shoot exclusive content – with these words the star reached out to fans. – I did not even put in stories that captures our operator”.

One of the participants of the air was the singer Masha Rasputina. The artist decided not to listen to the end speech Buzova and hurried off. This was told by Olga herself.

“I was so unfortunate that during his speech Masha Rasputina just got up and left. I sing, and she just gets up and leaves,” said the presenter.

Any person present in the dressing room noticed that Rasputin was not the first time hurriedly left the shooting. “She always does. When I recorded another program, she also got up and left,” said Olga. “But you came to the broadcast, expressed His bewilderment. – I sat an hour and listened to journalists, although I, too, chop chop. It is ugly”.

By the way, previously discussed speech Olga at the gala dinner award MUZ-TV. Then, Internet users have noticed that Sergey Lazarev stood up from his seat when His approached his Desk. Later, the artist had to justify himself. As it turned out, Sergei wasn’t hurt Olga, but simply decided to step aside. Olga Buzova turned to Philip Kirkorov: “I know nothing”