All ages! Announced casting for “60+” for retirees

Все возрасты покорны! Объявлен кастинг на шоу «Голос 60+» для пенсионеров
To participate in the selection can only people under the age of 60 years.

The first channel has announced the start of casting for an unprecedented
the project is a spin-off of the popular show “the Voice” — “voice of the 60+”. The main feature of the new vocal
show that to participate in it can only people of the older generation
under the age of 60 years. By the way, broadcasts of the “Voice” was not even anywhere in the
world. The format was invented by the creators of “the Voice” last year.

About the casting, it became known thanks to the official website of the Russian
“The voice” in the social network. That’s where Internet users have read the following
announcement: “the Scene of any ages! And to fulfill the dream never
later. Open a new project “the Voice of 60+” for participants 60+”.

Simultaneously with the announcement of the casting of the spin-off, became
we know about the casting of traditional “Voice”. Now the fans are vocal
the television project are wondering whether to broadcast two shows simultaneously
the etheric grid or, as it was with the “Voice” and “Voice. Children” — they will show in
different seasons. For example, autumn and winter.

While according to preliminary information almost simultaneously
held blind auditions of “the Voice” and “Voices 60+”. So if you want,
the lucky, successful candidates will be able to come to Moscow almost families. After all
nothing prevents, for example, vociferous granddaughter and grandmother at the same time apply
applications and to support each other on projects.