Eremeev showed the birth certificate after the claims of Mishulin

Еремеев показал свидетельство о рождении после претензий Мишулиной The actor explained why his father recorded the other person. Karina Mishulina suspected that this is not a fictional man and the real. However, the lawyer Timur Yeremeyev made a request to the civil registry.
Еремеев показал свидетельство о рождении после претензий Мишулиной

For half a year, Karina Mishulina and Timur Yeremeyev can’t come to a peace agreement. The daughter of the famous Soviet actor Spartaka Mishulina unpleasant to read in a magazine that a novice artist considers himself the illegitimate son of her father. She sued, and the case was made public.

Recently Kareena told “StarHit” that Timur and his lawyer doesn’t want to provide birth certificate. According to them, in the column “father” is a completely different person. Karina Mishulina gathered new evidence of lies Timur Eremeeva

Today, the program “Let them talk” Eremeev showed documents that he received at birth. As it turned out, the father recorded some Eremeev Sergey. Timur explained that it was a completely fictional person – the name belongs to his mother, the name coincided with the first letter of “Spartacus” and the middle name she left for her father.

“To prove that the surname, name, patronymic fictional, we have sent a request to the Royal registry office of the Moscow region. On the basis of the mother’s statement, the testimony is not preserved. Legal consequences do not give rise to,” said lawyer Victoria Eremeeva Krylov.
Еремеев показал свидетельство о рождении после претензий Мишулиной

The grandson of Spartak Vasilyevich Edward is also going to prove in court a relationship with the actor. Sergei Zhorin volunteered to help the man defend his position and to represent its interests. Presenter Dmitry Borisov was surprised at this decision of a lawyer that only works with stars.

Sergei Zhorin said that Karina is an inherently weak position. In his opinion, she believes all the witnesses bribed.

“Her position is losing, if you continue to choose this position, she will continue to lose”, – said the Zhorin.
Еремеев показал свидетельство о рождении после претензий Мишулиной

Also in the Studio invited “Grandmother Daria”, which before the new year approached Karina. As it turned out, the woman’s name is Olga, and this she took on the name from his cousin.

“I just shot the evil eye and put her protection from the evil eye, she no longer asked for,” said the woman.

However, the editor Elena was indignant to such statement – in fact she told her completely different things. According to her, “Grandma Dar” helped Karin in the fact that Timur was unable to establish family ties.

“But I proved that no brother and it was tampered with, we faked expertise, abroad was sent, all came our way,” she said while recording with a hidden camera.