Alisa VOX openly talked about working with Cord

Алиса Вокс откровенно рассказала о работе с Шнуром The ex-soloist of group “Leningrad” has recently released its first video clip “Stop”. The novelty was perceived contradictory admirers of girls and music critics. The singer explained how he worked with a rock band and about his relationship with Sergei Shnurov.

      Алиса Вокс откровенно рассказала о работе с Шнуром

      Alice Vaux began a solo career in the month of April. The girl left the band “Leningrad”, which was disappointing, fans of the team. Afterwards everyone was expecting from her the same kind of aggressive rock songs, in the group of Sergey Shnurova, however, for his new album girl chose a completely different style. The video for the song “Stop” which author is Andrey Skryabin, made in the spirit of 90-ies. The singer plans to continue to create music with electro-pop, synth-pop and dance-rock.

      New clip Alice Vaux called the main failure of the spring

      Despite the fact that within three years, Alice sang in the “Leningrad”, she did not regret that he left the band and went into free flight.

      “No hard feelings, I do not hold. And regret that I left Leningrad, I have definitely not. This period is over, thanks to him, but it’s time to go further,” explained the singer to leave the group.

      According to Alice, there are no conflicts with Shnurov she was not. Several sources linked the care of VOKS with the fact that Sergei’s wife Matilda was jealous of him to the girl. However, the spouse of the musician has denied these rumors. Also, many media wrote that Alice was not satisfied with the salary in the team, but she explained how all was actually. “Cords of very generous people. He always paid me and the musicians good money,” said VOX.

      Alice confessed to reporters that she had to adapt to the group while working with Sergei Shnurov. Actually she’s not as daring and aggressive, which she created in the team.

      “I really had to exist in that style in which it was ordered. I couldn’t choose what to sing and I want to do and what not to do. “Leningrad” is one Director and there’s still quite strictly. It makes no sense to say that there was a real Alice. The real Alice appears only now. And I want the audience maximally abstracted from anything that has come before. Beginning a new history”, – said the singer to journalistm “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

      By the way, in addition to care from the “Leningrad”, the girl took another important decision – Alice left her husband and officially divorced. At first it was rumored that the VOX does not live with her husband Dmitry Burmistrov M. V. successfully managed, and after a while it became known that they have terminated the relationship earlier this year.

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