Each of the disappeared sister Victoria Boni: “I know where she can be”

Друг исчезнувшей сестры Виктории Бони: «Я знаю, где она может быть» 38-year-old woman wanted by the police. 23 APR angelina Bonia came out of the house in Moscow and has not returned. The woman is already two weeks do not get in touch. A friend of angelina told about where she was planning to go at this time.

      Друг исчезнувшей сестры Виктории Бони: «Я знаю, где она может быть»

      The family of Victoria Boni went to the police to find the missing sister of a star. Two weeks ago, 38-year-old angelina left home and never returned. The last time a woman called mother on April 23, then traces of it disappeared.

      Law enforcement agencies have started investigating, at the moment the question on excitation of criminal case. Meanwhile, a friend of angelina shared with “StarHit” their assumptions about the whereabouts of the sister of the famous TV presenter.

      Sister Victoria Boni was missing

      “Angelina can relax in Utrish, away from the bustling Moscow. Last time I saw her there last summer…” – said the “StarHit” man.

      It turns out that angelina corresponded in one of social networks with my friend in February. Even then she had plans to travel in late spring to Utrish Dolphinarium. She told the man that he would come back in early may. He said that at this time there may still be chilly, to which the woman wrote: “I’m always in early may ride.”

      Друг исчезнувшей сестры Виктории Бони: «Я знаю, где она может быть»

      Indeed, angelina page in “Vkontakte” there are also some pictures on the background of the sea, presumably in the area of Anapa and Utrish. The pictures were published a little over a year ago, in may 2015. So, the sister of Victoria Boni really could go there again. Her friend recalls that when she saw a young woman in the sea last year, she was without a phone. Apparently, wanted to merge with nature, so did not use the resort means of cellular communication. It is likely that communication in these places is bad.

      “There is a third lagoon, it is not included in the protected zone, and the phone can be out of the zone, for example… the man explained. – Let the search for angelina in the third lagoon. If you come, I think she’s there.”
      Друг исчезнувшей сестры Виктории Бони: «Я знаю, где она может быть»

      It is noteworthy that a short acquaintance angelina has made man very good impression. He would be happy to meet her again, but so far he doesn’t have time to get back on Utrish.

      “Angelina seemed good, but very impulsive nature. My acquaintance happened to her in Anapa. We sang songs to the guitar with our common friends, and walked over angelina, she always appeared suddenly (because of the phone she was not). Then I was told that she had gone to Utrish Dolphinarium. What was she doing there – is unknown, – says a friend of angelina. – At the end of the summer I met her again in Budapest, and she said she was leaving soon back to Moscow”.

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