Алина Загитова ревела навзрыд перед сдачей допинга Skater told about his emotions. Alina Sagitova couldn’t become the first in the world Cup. According to the athlete, after speaking to her moral condition was unstable.
Алина Загитова ревела навзрыд перед сдачей допинга

Skater Alina Sagitova who participated in the world Championships in Milan, was in the competition only fifth. Many are wondering why the Olympic champion fell several times during his speech. The girl burst into tears after the final number.

“I had a lot of experience that I with the first jumps down, and locative pure program. I can’t say that I’ve relaxed, upset, and all hands dropped. I feel like I’m not riding, as if it was a dream. I was not nervous, absolutely not nervous. And for me even it was somehow a shock like this – before the competition not to be nervous? And in that moment I realized that something was wrong,” said Sagitov reporters.

The failure of Sagitova Alina: what happened to Olympic champion

After the success of Alina at the Olympics, many believed that it will be able to take another peak. Many wrote her words of support in social networks, and also discussed why she went to Milan. Its main rival Evgeny Medvedev are unable to go to the world Cup because of a serious injury. Sagitova could not respond to the views of users of the Network.

“Before the world Cup I tried not to pay attention to what I write in the same Instagram. But it was impossible. Too many just wrote and all about the same thing: that I’m the team leader that I was going to the championship. Perhaps that is why I really wanted to perform well. Better than I can. And it really experience. I realized that you should never try to do what you still do not know how. You just need to execute what you do in training,” said Alina.

Sagitova remembers that she was difficult to tune in to performances. However, since she wanted a fitting ending to the season, she had to pull myself together.

“I can’t describe what I have going on in my head. Seriously, like a dream. I didn’t understand what was happening. Even after the speech I had to pass the doping. I cry bitterly, sore head, and I still have the dope to pass…” – said the athlete.

It is known that after one of the programs Sagitova called himself the Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov and advised to go shopping in Milan and forget about everything.

“I’m really gone, vanished, bought some masochki for the face, any skin care products. And realized that it really began to feel much better. Became even better after I skated the program in the demonstrations and did it well. In revealing the hire I was adjusted very seriously to do and finish the season on a high note” – shared skater.

Now Sagitova wants to relax and return to the school, which had missed due to training and competition. Besides, Alina is waiting for her in may comes the dog of Japanese breed Akita inu.

According to “R-sport” and the website of the Federation of figure skating of Russia.