Скандальная певица обвинила режиссера Кончаловского в болезни мужа According to Deynega Milena, her husband Evgeny Samusenko suffered from constant confrontation with influential neighbors. The man believes that those illegally increased the size of its apartments. A year ago, the author filed a lawsuit against the relatives of Denis Boronenkov.
Скандальная певица обвинила режиссера Кончаловского в болезни мужа

35-year-old singer and presenter Deynega Milena said that her husband suffers from health problems. – Being a psychologist and a collector of Antiques Evgeny Samusenko has deteriorated amid a long-running litigation with neighbors. Version men, they illegally increased the area of his apartment, adding a technical floor, which was owned by all the tenants.

A year ago, the author filed a lawsuit against the relatives of the killed in Kiev Deputy Denis Boronenkov, but after a while it became clear that in this way allegedly received and directed by Konchalovsky, a relative of Nikita Mikhalkov. You are talking about – about Andrew or Egor – Milena said. According to the artist, the artist rewrote the apartment on the “kind lady”, but at the time of joining additional housing area still belonged to him.

Experiences pretty exhausted husband singer. Says Deynega, Samusenko was forced to go to the doctors. The psychologist found a tumor.

“In General, the husband faced with a whole team of swindlers which was engaged in illegal privatization. Nervous he deteriorated health. He fell asleep on the go and to forget. I made him undergo the medical examination. And he found in the head of a huge cyst. Was diagnosed with “encephalopathy on the background of atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels”, – said the leader in a recent interview.

Milena assured that will not throw the wife in trouble. The singer intends to continue to take care of a close person. Recently, however, it began increasingly seen in the company of another man. Danage has signs of attention, the owner of construction companies Igor chalecki. Milena sees in his relations with the businessman nothing wrong with that. Wealthy admirer even willing to pay the artist the surgery, about which she dreamed.

“I am very glad that in my life appeared a man like Igor chalecki. I met him after I was invited to speak at his restaurant on the Arbat. Igor Borisovich was my old fan and began me in every possible way to help with concerts, filming of the clip. Recently, I shared with him that I wanted to make myself a new silicone Breasts. And he immediately volunteered to pay for the surgery. I do not see anything reprehensible” – shared Deynega with the correspondent of “Express newspaper”.