Витаса арестовали за стрельбу The artist was sentenced. Last week, Vitas opened fire from the pistol in the yard of the house on Rublevsky highway. Then after him came the police. Singer arrested for 7 days.

Vitas will be responsible for the incident with the firing of the starting gun. Last week, the actor broke the peace of the neighborhood. He took a few shots in the yard of the house on Rublevsky highway. Residents appealed to the police. Law enforcement officials came for him. On the spot they found 45 shell casings. They brought the man to administrative responsibility and made the Protocol under article 20.1 of the administrative code (petty hooliganism).

Vitas refused to undergo testing for alcohol content in the blood. Then it turned out that he was shot in the presence of the son “Was set 39-the summer man who in the presence of his infant son shot from a signal pistol. As a result of incident nobody has suffered”, — stated in the message of press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow region.

But then the Prosecutor’s office quashed that decision and now seeks stricter punishment under this article provides till 15 days of administrative arrest. Later it became known that the singer was arrested. Odintsovo court has appointed to it punishment in the form of administrative arrest for 7 days.

“StarHit” contacted a representative of Vitas Sergey Pudovkin.

“The decision of the Odintsovo city court of Moscow on administrative detention for 7 days (house arrest) will be contested today. Earlier, the court ruled that the fine of 500 rubles for “violating public order”, but under pressure of the Prosecutor’s office changed its decision. The appeal was prepared and submitted to the court. The family of the artist, his wife and two minor children, relatives and numerous fans of the singer around the world Express their support in this extremely unpleasant situation,” – said the producer of the artist.

Business of Vitas will deal with the lawyer Sergei Zhorin. According to him, the singer admitted his guilt and repents. Artist ready to be punished. The singer has yet to respond to what is happening.

Recall that in 2013, the Ostankino court of Moscow sentenced the artist to pay a fine of 100 thousand rubles for the fact that he was behind the wheel of an SUV hit a cyclist and then started to argue with witnesses and police. In 2014 the artist was suspected that he broke a window in someone else’s apartment in Moscow. After that, the singer urgently flew to Germany. Witnesses to the incident, did not find.