Alina Kabaeva spoke about their everyday concerns

Алина Кабаева высказалась о наболевшем
Gymnast commented on a sports scandal.

Alina Kabaeva at the opening of the Centre of rhythmic gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova

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Alina Kabaeva has given an interview in which has summed up the results of the year. Of course, her story touched on a sore theme for the Russians doping scandal that erupted two years ago and is still ongoing. Kabaeva admitted that she, as a gymnast, very hard to watch what is happening in the world of sport.

“For the first time in the history of the Olympic movement is the principle of personal liability for violations of anti-doping rules introduced the principle of collective responsibility, concluded Kabaeva. — The Olympic principle of personal responsibility: blame — punish who is to blame. But when those who stand at the helm, begin to act on the principle of guilty – punish them all, and declare guilty all athletes of one state, this is the fight against doping, and with something different that the sport is not connected…” however, she stressed that he was proud of the achievements of Russian athletes in the past year. Despite the difficult conditions, in many sports, earned medals.

Of course, only Alina carefully monitors the development of the mother for her rhythmic gymnastics. This year she was the first Ambassador of the world Championship on rhythmic gymnastics held in Italy. “I was in the championship from the first to the last day, for the first time, watched the world championship as an athlete and not as a spectator, but in a different capacity, we can say, holding a finger on the pulse of this event and heartily rejoiced at the success of our gymnasts,” said Alina in an interview with “Sport-Express”.

By the way, Kabaeva this year too had great success. The annual festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina” was awarded the silver medal of the International Federation of sports cinema and television.