Олега Табакова ввели в искусственную кому
The famous actor is in critical condition.

Oleg Tabakov

The people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov remains
steadily heavy. As it became known REN TV, head of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov introduced
in a drug-induced coma, or, as expressed by the doctors, he is able
drug sedation.

Usually severe disease, when the human condition is not
improved over a long period of time, such action is resorted to
remove load from the weakened from the struggle with illness organs.

Recall that in late November, appeared in the press depressing
reports that Oleg Tabakov hospitalized in the First city hospital
Moscow. The famous actor and darling of the public was diagnosed with inflammation
lungs. The doctors did not hesitate — did Oleg Pavlovich emergency surgery.
Some time after this he was in intensive care and doctors feared to do
any forecasts. They only said that the actor “is in critical
state.” Relatives Tabakov all this time they were close to him, abolishing
all of the cases. The actor even hooked up to a ventilator —
so it was serious.

A week after emergency hospitalization appeared
good news. It was reported that tobacco was gradually on the mend: started
eat porridge and even got out of bed. He was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward.