Алиса Вокс пришла в ужас от подлого поступка Сергея Шнурова The singer complained about the behavior of the former colleagues on group “Leningrad”. About the times when Alice Vaux worked together with Sergei Shnurov, she has mixed memories. According to the artist, as musician drove her to hysteria and loss of voice.
Алиса Вокс пришла в ужас от подлого поступка Сергея Шнурова

In mid-March, the former soloist of group “Leningrad” Alisa VOX introduced the album “New Alisa VOX”. In anticipation of the concert in one of Moscow clubs, the actress gave an interview in which he shared memories of working with Sergei Shnurov and plans for the future.

According to Alice, the team were separated into small interest groups. “As you know, they were not books,” the girl says. VOX said Cords forced her to perform “humiliating verbatim productions”. If the artist refused, Sergei began violently angry. In June 2014, the musician and is forced VOX to publicly expose you.

“It’s a nightmare, the loop which haunts me still. It was a process of adoption of the law on the prohibition of the Mat. Sergey was in a panic and found nothing better than to undress me on stage. To force me to do this, a thorough psychological work. Sergey is an experienced manipulator. To me, the 25-year-old girl who unconditionally trusted his supervisor, nothing remained but to obey. All! Since then, my life is divided into before and after. All night after the concert I cried for two weeks lost voice nervous,” recalls the singer.

His act Alice calls the victim. As it turned out, the efforts of the artist have been in vain. “Sergei was not touched by this law. Many other episodes I prefer just to forget,” added the girl.

However, in working with Sergei Shnurov was positive aspects. Over time Alice learned to better understand people and become more sociable. In addition, the artist has gained valuable professional experience, learned how to simultaneously dance and sing. Skill VOKS helps her in live performances.

As admitted Alice, after three years of teamwork, her relationship with the musician started to deteriorate rapidly. Sergey Shnurov allegedly began to snap at a colleague and screaming. “We no longer understand each other,” says the girl. In March 2016, the VOX has announced the artist about his decision to leave the band.

During the conversation with reporters, she admitted that not following the work the “Leningrad”. While Alice knows the ex-soloist of Vasilisa, which she brought to the group, and Florida. If before Sergei Shnurov and his colleagues regularly came in the “friends” Vaux, but now she almost did not see them in the news from friends, writes Cosmopolitan.